Asian Mint Earns a Mention in Jax Peters Lowell’s “The Gluten-Free Revolution”

Asian Mint Earns a Mention in Jax Peters Lowell’s “The Gluten-Free Revolution”

Providing gluten-free options in the menu was a deliberate choice for Asian Mint. We wanted our restaurant to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone, no matter what their food preferences or diet choices may be.

Our choice to be friendly to gluten-free dieters has thankfully been met positively. The Dallas-based mother-daughter team behind the blog Gluten-Free Dallas, for one, put us on their list of gluten-free restaurants.

And recently, we learned that Asian Mint was mentioned in the dining-out section of the bestselling book The Gluten-Free Revolution by gluten-free diet pioneer Jax Peters Lowell. We are beyond honored and thankful for being singled out in this book.

Jax Peters Lowell: A gluten-free diet pioneer

The mention was short but sweet. Thank you, Ms. Lowell, for including a few words about us in your book.

As stated earlier, Jax Peters Lowell is a pioneer. Her works are some of the earliest and most extensive resources available on the gluten-free diet. Her books Against the Grainand The Gluten-Free Bible, published in 1995 and 2005 respectively, shed light upon the as-yet little-known celiac disease. These works also provided easy ways for people afflicted by celiac disease to cope and stay healthy despite their condition.

In a way, one can say that Ms. Lowell’s books are a chronicle of her own journey towards living a safe and happy gluten-free lifestyle. She herself is gluten-intolerant and she wrote of “what I wanted to know when I was so sick and isolated.”

Aside from her books on the gluten-free diet and lifestyle, Ms. Lowell is also an award-winning poet and novelist.

Gluten-free bites to check out at Asian Mint

At Asian Mint, we have more than 30 gluten-free options in our menu–from appetizers like fresh summer rolls and chicken satay, to a variety of entrees and desserts. All our salads and curry dishes are gluten-free, and so are most of our pad thai dishes.

In fact, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out our Asian noodle salad: a yummy concoction made with shrimp, minced chicken, and clear noodles. It’s topped with julienned seasoned vegetables, herbs, and peanuts, and dressed in a spicy lime sauce. It’s packed with all kinds of flavor, and it’s totally safe to eat if you’re gluten-intolerant.

We also have an array of gluten-free desserts you can try out. We have a flourless chocolate cake that you can enjoy with a drizzle of raspberry sauce. We also have ice cream, affogato, and jasmine crème brulee. If you’re wondering about our traditional Thai desserts, you can indulge on them without triggering your gluten sensitivities. We have gluten-free Thai coconut custard, sticky rice and ice cream, and mango sticky rice.

Our millennial daughter, EnjoyMint, offers gluten-free options as well. So, if you’re feeling like dining fast-casual, you can head on to Richardson and check out EnjoyMint’s offerings.

If you have celiac disease or simply wish to enjoy the benefits of eating gluten-free, you can safely dine at Asian Mint. You’re more than welcome, and you won’t be constrained with the number of choices available in our menu.

See you soon!


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