Have You Tried the Asian Mint Limited Time Menu for March Already?

Have You Tried the Asian Mint Limited Time Menu for March Already?

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Have you been to Asian Mint any time since the first of March? If you have, then you might have caught wind of this news already. But if not, we’ve got something yummy waiting just for you. We’ve launched a special Asian Mint limited-time menu, and you can enjoy these amazing dishes all throughout March.

This Asian Mint limited-time menu is just one of the few unique offers we’ll be launching this 2020. Thank you so much, FSR Magazine, for featuring our March menu.

What’s on the Asian Mint Limited Time Menu for March?

As y’all know, our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is all about showcasing Thai food and culture. For this month, she’s putting the spotlight on classic eats from different corners of Thailand:

  • Kao soy chicken. Kao soy chicken is a curry noodle dish, a popular street food from Northern Thailand. It features crispy egg noodles cooked in flavorful curry soup with coconut milk. It’s garnished with fresh lime, purple onions, pickled cabbage, and other greens and spices.
  • Mango mandarin chicken. Mango mandarin chicken is a Central Thailand staple. The heart of this dish is the crispy chicken with its mango mandarin sauce topping. You get to eat this with vegetables like broccoli, snap peas, and carrots, as well as a helping of jasmine rice.
  • Rice soup with chicken or shrimp. Another Central Thailand staple, rice soup is classic Thai comfort food. It’s similar to congee, containing seasonings like galangal and lemongrass. This particular rice soup dish is a Phinyawatana family recipe, one that Chef Nikky’s grandma used to make.
  • Tamarind shrimp. Tamarind shrimp comes from Southern Thailand. This dish consists of crispy shrimp tempura, vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, and bell peppers wok-tossed with sweet tamarind sauce, and rice.
  • Dry tom yum talay. Also from Southern Thailand, dry tom yum talay is a mixture of calamari, shrimp, and scallops tossed in a Thai herb sauce. You get to enjoy it as a topping over jasmine rice and steamed vegetables.

This special Asian Mint limited-time menu is available only this March. Visit any Asian Mint location and taste these awesome treats soon!

See you there!


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