Why Asian Mint Loves brunch (And You Should, Too!)

Why Asian Mint Loves brunch (And You Should, Too!)

Asian Mint wants you to know that you CAN have it all! While we are not talking about the car,
the house, the career and your happiness- although we firmly believe you can have all that too.
We are talking about ALL the food! Whether you are craving one of our amazing lunch recipes
or one of our yummy breakfast dishes, you can enjoy both. You don’t have to choose. Why?
Because it’s brunch time. Maybe you want breakfast with a side of lunch. Sure, its brunch! Want
an alcoholic beverage at 11 am? No problem! Everything is acceptable at brunch. No judgments
here. Stroll in to one of our locations any time after 11 on Saturday and Sunday (Our Oak Lawn
location is not open on Sunday’s). Come casual, come with friends, just relax and enjoy the food.
This is why brunch is so extraordinary. It’s even more special at Asian Mint because we always
put our own flare on things. Our Asian fusion house favorites will make your brunch experience
unique. Keep reading to discover some of our most popular menu items.

Brunch Drink Specials

Mimosas $3

Mimosas are served with a mix of fresh citrus juice and champagne. We always do things with
an Asian Mint twist so we offer a delicious pineapple juice option as well. These drinks are
bubbly and refreshing, perfect for any hot summer day.

Bloody Mary $5

This cocktail contains vodka, tomato juice and spices. It also includes lemon juice and tabasco
which gives it an extra zing. This ice cold drink is served on the rocks and pairs wonderfully
with any brunch item. At just $5, our brunch drink items are always affordably priced.


Coffee is not just for early mornings. We offer espresso, cappuccino, latte and macchiato
options. All of our coffee can be served decaf, we also have almond milk for people that prefer
milk alternatives. Our matcha green tea latte does not contain coffee but is a great hot drink
alternative. The tea leaves are ground up into a powder and contain more antioxidants than
blueberries. The flavor of matcha is complex, it has an earthy flavor that is followed by a sweet
after taste. Our matcha lattes are delicious and foamy.

Brunch Food Specials

Our food menu offers a great blend of American and Asian flavors. Some of our most popular
items are our bacon pad thai with a fried egg, bacon fried rice with a thai fried egg and our
bacon/ egg thai omelet with Sriracha sauce. All of our menu items can be ordered with a side of
bacon or an extra egg. Is your mouth watering yet?

We hope the next time you are looking for a great place to have brunch you will consider joining
us. It’s ok if you need to sleep in a bit, you can wake up late and still join us for some yummy
breakfast foods. The stove gets hot at 11. See you soon!


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