Asian Mint Nominated as Best Asian Food in Advocate Mag Awards

Asian Mint Nominated as Best Asian Food in Advocate Mag Awards

Last month, Advocate Magazine notified us that we’re one of the nominees of their yearly Best of Advocate Awards. Asian Mint is nominated for the category Best Asian Food in Preston Hollow, along with other equally distinguished businesses such as Royal China Restaurant, Howard Wang’s, and Saucy’s Thai + Pao.

The official announcement of winners is yet to come as the voting period is still on-going. However, the partial results are in and the tally can be viewed at Advocate Mag’s website. Asian Mint is currently in the lead, and we’re more than eager to share this wonderful news with everyone.

What is Advocate Magazine Best of Advocate Award?

Advocate Magazine is known for always supporting the concept of living local. Each year, they award different businesses, from bed and breakfasts to pet salons, as the Best of Advocate in their respective fields. The winner is chosen by the magazine’s readers, and they are allowed to vote for their favorite local businesses every day during the entire voting period. After which, all votes will be tallied and the businesses with the most number of votes will be declared as the winners.

Advocate Magazine was established in 1991, and it championed in-depth and involved community journalism ever since. The magazine, which comes in digital and published forms, highlights all the great things in the neighborhood. The magazine has individual publications for Lakewood and East Dallas, Preston Hollow, Lake Highlands, and Oak Cliff, and they have more than 200,000 avid readers and loyal subscribers to date.

Asian Mint Takes Majority of the Votes

The voting period is still on and it will continue until June 3, 2019. Asian Mint is currently in first place for the Best Asian Food category. We currently have more than half of all the votes, with the next ranking restaurant amassing 30%. We are appealing to all Asian Mint fans and patrons to continue voting for us so we’ll finally win the award this year.

Advocate Magazine has been awarding the Best of Advocate Award since 2015. Every year, they add new categories to the awards to recognize even more deserving businesses. The category for Asian Food debuted in 2018. Asian Mint was a proud nominee last year but we only finished as a runner up to Royal China. This year, we have good chances to beat last year’s winner and take the top spot. But we can’t do it without your help.

Thanks to all Asian Mint lovers all over who have already voted for us. Please continue to do until the voting period closes on June 3. Please invite your family and friends to do the same as well. We also hope that all Advocate Mag’s readers, especially the ones who are based in Preston Hollow, to try our restaurant and then vote for us. We’ll be serving the tastiest meals for many years now and we’re confident that we can satisfy your meticulous palate. We’ve always been proud to be a part of Advocate Mag’s Best of Advocate Awards.




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