Asian Mint Sauces

Asian Mint Sauces

Uniquely Asian Mint Sauces

When restauranteur Nikky Phinyawatana came up with the recipes for Asian Mint, she didn’t set out to make just another Pad Thai or Fried Rice recipe. She set out to make something uniquely Asian Mint.

Creating flavors that are distinct to Asian Mint is what gives our diners an amazing experience that they can’t find any place else. Its what draws in people from all over the city as well as Dallas visitors. Its why restaurant critics and food bloggers can’t stop talking about Asian Mint, because they know our dining experience is unlike any other.

There are those who dine with us when they want something different or who want to share Asian Mint with someone who’s never been in our restaurant before. There are those who are regulars during our lunch hours or for weekend brunch, because our Pad Thai or Bacon Fried Rice are things that they look forward to in their day.

Whether you’re a little curious and starting to prepare your own tasty Asian Mint recipes or you take every opportunity to learn new ones, our bottled sauces are a must-have addition to your pantry!

Pad Thai Sauce

The Pad Thai sauce goes with all your favorite Pad Thai and noodle dishes, whether you’re making our simple Pad Thai recipe or adding all your favorite vegetables and seafood to it. The Sweet and Sour sauce is an Asian Mint variation on a traditional sweet and sour recipe.

Our sauces are part of what makes our recipes so unique. We couldn’t be satisfied with our dishes until we honed in on just the right flavors for our sauces. If you just want Pad Thai, then you can go to any Thai restaurant in the city. But if you want Asian Mint Pad Thai, then there’s only one place for you to go.

With our Asian Mint bottled sauces, you can cook with original Asian Mint flavors, flavors that you can’t find anywhere other than Asian Mint, and you’ll bring our inspired recipes to your own table.

Sauce special

You can purchase them for $8 a bottle if you have a particular favorite or buy two for $15 if you want the whole collection. And because we want everyone to enjoy our sauces, we’re offering a limited time offer of $1 off when you text “asian mint” to (469) 214-6498.

Asian Mint Cooking Class

If you already love our bottled sauces, then don’t miss the rare chance to learn more great recipes from Nikky at our cooking class on Wednesday, September 28th at 6 p.m.


Asian Mint Sauce Special


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