Cook Your Asian Mint Favorites in Our Summer Cooking Classes with Chef Jeep

Cook Your Asian Mint Favorites in Our Summer Cooking Classes with Chef Jeep

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Got something epic coming up this summer? Or are you planning to beat Dallas’ sultry summer heat by keeping it cool and quiet? Whatever you’ve got lined up, we invite you to spice it up a little bit more by joining the Asian Mint Summer Cooking Classes. We promise it’s going to be loads of fun!

The Asian Mint Summer Cooking Classes will be held on July 20, August 17, and September 14. The incomparable Chef Jeep Solow will lead the classes and help you learn how to cook your Asian Mint favorites.

What’s on the menu in Chef Jeep’s Summer Cooking Classes?

What tasty Asian Mint treats are you going to learn to cook under Chef Jeep’s expert tutelage? Because we like to keep things interesting, we’re going to have a different lesson for each of the three scheduled summer cooking classes. And because it’s summer, we’ve chosen dishes that are just perfect for beating the summer heat.

For our July 20 class, you’ll learn to make Asian Mint’s classic Pad Thai. One of Bangkok’s most popular street food offerings, Pad Thai is rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, shrimp, tofu, and chicken, and flavored with tamarind sauce, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, and green onions. A CNN poll once named Pad Thai as one of the world’s most beloved foods. Along with Pad Thai, you’ll also learn how to make mango and sweet sticky rice, another delicious dessert you’ll find served at Bangkok’s street stalls.

On August 17, the lesson will be about how to make Thai summer rolls with Asian Mint’s famous peanut sauce. As the dish’s name itself implies, summer rolls are the perfect snack on hot and sultry days. Made with chicken, vermicelli noodles, and various vegetables, they’re refreshing with each bite. We’re pairing the summer rolls with chicken basil, an amazing dish whose hint of spice can do wonders in cooling you down.

For the September 14 class, you’ll cook egg rolls and Pad Woon Sen. The crunchiness of our fried egg rolls can be addictive. But even though they’re fried, you won’t feel too guilty about wanting to eat more, as they’re not oily and they’re made with fresh vegetables. Pad Woon Sen, on the other hand, is a stir-fried noodle dish similar to Pad Thai. Unlike Pad Thai, though, Pad Woon Sen uses silky glass noodles, and these noodles make a huge difference in how you experience this dish.

As with all our cooking classes, you get to eat what you make. Chef Jeep is sure to add loads of fun to these lessons. She’s been with Asian Mint for more than ten years, and she’s one of Tea Mintee’s MVPs. You’re definitely in good hands with her.

Book your spot in the Asian Mint Summer Cooking Classes now

Make your summer much more epic with Asian Mint’s upcoming Summer Cooking Classes. As always, slots are limited, so save your space and book your tickets now. Better yet, make it a group thing by bringing your friends and family with you.

See you in class!


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