Asian Mint Supports Wheel to Survive 2018 Dallas

Asian Mint Supports Wheel to Survive 2018 Dallas

Be the Difference Foundation‘s Wheel to Survive fundraising campaign returned to Dallas for its sixth year last February 2018 to raise ovarian cancer awareness. Once again, Asian Mint was invited to make a donation to the cause, and it’s an invitation we gladly accepted.

Ovarian cancer is one of the top causes of cancer deaths among women. We at Asian Mint are happy to do our part and help make a difference in the fight against this disease.

How does Wheel to Survive help in fighting ovarian cancer?

Wheel to Survive is the signature fundraising event of Be the Difference Foundation. It’s an indoor event that brings together people from all walks of life to ride stationary bikes within a given time period. While the event is designed to raise funds through donations and sponsorships, it’s also meant to be fun. You get to bond with the people riding those bikes with you, and you get some exercise done in the process.

It’s definitely a win-win event for everyone. You make a difference by helping to raise funds for ovarian cancer research, treatment, and prevention. At the same time, you make a difference on your own health by getting your heart pumping and burning some calories. This 2018, 280 riders participated in Wheel to Survive’s Dallas event and raised more than $270,000.

Be the Difference Foundation is a Dallas-based non-profit organization founded by four ovarian cancer survivors: Jill Bach, Helen Gardner, Lynn Lentscher, and Julie Shrell. Their aim is to bring hope to women who have been diagnosed with the disease and fighting for their lives. Funds raised through Wheel to Survive events are channeled to medical centers conducting research and clinical trials, as well as to organizations assisting patients diagnosed with the disease.

How we Asian Mint Fanatics can help in the fight against ovarian cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, “Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. A woman’s risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 78. Her lifetime chance of dying from ovarian cancer is about 1 in 108.”

According to the statistics the Be the Difference Foundation gathered, less than 50% of women fighting ovarian cancer survive for more than five years after diagnosis. Around 15,000 women die of this disease every year. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be more than 22,000 new cases this 2018 alone.

What can we Asian Mint fanatics do to make a difference? The easiest way is to sign up for the next Wheel to Survive event coming your way. Here’s the schedule for their upcoming rides. If you’ve got some money to spare, you can donate it to the Be the Difference Foundation. The foundation also has other resources you can use if you want to host your own events for raising ovarian cancer awareness.

Giving is a thing we do at Asian Mint. It’s part of our DNA. And we’re always happy to do our part in serving our community. It’s one of the ways we try to make a difference.


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