Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea in the Dallas Observer

Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea in the Dallas Observer

Asian Mint thai iced tea in the Dallas Observer

Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea was recently featured in the Dallas Observer as one of the best places in the city to caffeinate with an iced cold drink on a hot summer day. While many coffee lovers go for iced espresso drinks or cold brew coffee, we invite you to try something different, Asian Mint’s very own Thai Iced Tea.

Texans love a good iced tea on a hot summer day, so just imagine what it would be like to enjoy an iced tea Asian fusion style and with some of the very best Asian cuisine in Dallas!

Ceylon Tea and Citrus Tones

If you want a mid-day pick me up without having to choke down a steaming cup of hot coffee, our Thai Iced Tea is strongly brewed with Ceylon tea to give you a caffeine boost. And if you’re looking for something sweet to drink that isn’t packed with sugar, our iced tea is topped with just the right amount of sweetened condensed milk and citrus tones brewed in to satisfy your sweet cravings. The hardest choice won’t be whether or not to order it; it will be how many and when to stop.

When to Try it

The Thai Iced also goes well with any of our dishes. `If you visit us for lunch, it pairs well with any of our Thai salads for a light, healthy lunch. Or if you’re looking for an Asian fusion twist on brunch, try it with the Bacon Pad Thai, the Thai Fried Egg, or the Anise French Toast. For an afternoon snack, drink it with the Green Tea Ice Cream Cake for a sweet treat that won’t have you over-indulging.

No matter what your reason for visiting Asian mint – whether during Happy Hour, for your lunch break, for brunch, or resting during a weekend shopping trip – the Thai Iced Tea will be sure to cool you off.

There’s no need to suffer through the heat. You’re already miserable enough, sweating through your clothes because you spent two minutes outside and happened to glance at the sun. So why not treat yourself to a cool drink and a special treat. Let Asian Mint cool you off for a change.

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