Asian Mint wins Best of Dallas ® Award 2016

Asian Mint wins Best of Dallas ® Award 2016

Thai Iced Tea

Take a long sip of Thai Iced Tea and the first thing you’ll note is that it’s a drink with plenty of personality. An extremely popular beverage in Thailand and many other Asian countries, Thai Iced Tea is prepared with strongly brewed Ceylon tea and later sweetened with condensed milk. Richly flavored and certainly distinct from other types of teas, Thai Iced Tea is a must-try for any self-proclaimed tea lover. Do you love tea? Then you definitely have to try Asian Mint’s Thai Iced Tea.

Best of Dallas 

In 2016, the Dallas Observer crowned the Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea “Best of Dallas ®” for Best Thai Iced Tea, an accomplishment that we at Asian Mint are honored to attain.

Our sweet and creamy variation of the drink was highly praised by the Observer, which writes, “Asian Mint’s Thai Tea is good enough to illicit strong reactions not usually reserved for Thai tea.” We at Asian Mint agree wholeheartedly.

The Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea has obviously left an indelible impression on Dallas diners, and without a doubt, its raging success lies in our unique recipe.

At Asian Mint, we make our Thai Iced Tea with only the finest raw elements – there is absolutely no room for compromise in the quality of the ingredients we use. Here’s the secret: our recipe includes top quality Ceylon tea as the base, condensed milk to sweeten it, and hints of citrus tones to give our Thai Iced Tea the Asian Mint signature.

The Asian Mint Thai Iced Tea is not just any Thai Iced Tea. It is instead, an extraordinary experience in itself, and our customers at Asian Mint enjoy it because it completes their meal.

We created our Thai Iced Tea to pair perfectly with any of the dishes on the Asian Mint menu, and it is extremely popular with our customers for that very reason. Whether you’re tucking into our Bacon Pad Thai for brunch or having our Green Tea Ice Cream Cake for dessert to cool down on a hot afternoon, our Thai Iced Tea will always make the perfect company.

Dallas Observer

Here at Asian Mint, we’re incredibly honored that the Dallas Observer voted our Thai Iced Tea as the “Best of Dallas ®”. Given our long-standing commitment to creating a unique Dallas dining scene, we want to say a big thank you to all our loyal Asian Mint customers – you are the reason why we constantly innovate and push ourselves to create a menu worthy of your support. Join us at Asian Mint today – it is our pleasure to make your meal an extraordinary one.


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