Benefit for Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Benefit for Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

We’re so excited to be able to benefit the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center.

Asian Mint & The Mint donates throughout the year to over 100 different charities, schools and non-profit organizations.

Be a hero. Earn your cape. Bring a booster seat. Change a life.

What if we told you that dining at Asian Mint helps a child in need?

Asian Mint donates to 100 different charities throughout the year, and now we’re proud to announce that our most recent donation is to the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center is one of Texas’ first centers for children’s advocacy, for children who are victims of abuse. They coordinate forensic interviews, mental health therapists, case managers, and legal partners to intervene in child abuse and provide children with treatment vital to recovery. Their services are essential to assuring that all children have a safe home.

But you don’t have to be a lawyer or mental health therapist to help children.

benefit for DCAC

On July 14th Asian Mint hosted an event that benefited the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and showed how even the smallest gestures can make a difference. Guests contributed to this organizations longstanding reputation for advocating for abused children. Ordinary citizens came together and made small contributions that impacted children in big ways.

We have been so lucky to have customers who love our restaurant and contribute in our success that we want to spread that good fortune to as many people as possible.

There is no limit to the number of causes you can serve. Supporting the one doesn’t mean there isn’t enough care and kindness to go around to others. Asian Mint is always stretching itself to see how many people they can help and raise up.

Support a great cause

So when you dine at Asian Mint, you’re also helping to support causes that give a voice to the voiceless and know that by being a part of our community you are helping the broader Dallas community. By putting our support behind this cause, we hope to bring attention to how this need affects our city’s children.

That’s why we’re supporting the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. Click here to learn more about how this program supports those who need advocates the most.
Asian Mint benefit for the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center


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