Bring Us to Your Picnic! (Asian Mint)

Bring Us to Your Picnic! (Asian Mint)

Planning a picnic soon? You should! June 18 is the International Picnic Day, and it is celebrated to encourage family get-together and food awareness. In this busy world and with your hectic schedule, it’s almost impossible to make time out for your family. When was the last time that you spend quality time with your kids? Picnics are fun activities where you can just sit back, relax, and eat good food while the kids enjoy themselves running and playing about.

Picnics are for everyone, and not just for kids. You can even make picnics a big event or a fundraising activity with other families and several friends. Asian Mint offers catering services to make picnics and outdoor activities easier for you!

Asian Mint Catering Services

We make celebrations unforgettable by serving delicious food that goes very well with the event’s theme. We cater to special events of at least 20 guests. Check out our menu and choose from our dishes. Our catering services start at merely $18 per person.

Each catering menu includes an appetizer and your choice of a buffet meal. Examples of appetizers are our house salads and mini fried vegetable eggrolls. The buffet meal choices include Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Curry, and Jasmine Rice meals, all of which are gluten-free. For example, if you choose the fried rice buffet, your guest will be served with either the house fried rice or the basil fried rice along with chicken, beef, or vegetable and tofu, all depending on which one you choose.

Talk to us to explore more about your catering options. We’re pretty confident that we can serve you with the best dishes for your picnic or any event for that matter. We always serve fresh and delicious food all the time.

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