Celebrate the World Ocean Day!

Celebrate the World Ocean Day!

Come and celebrate World Ocean Day with us at Asian Mint. On June 8, 2019, we are one with the rest of the world in doing our share in taking care of the oceans and helping the environment. Asian Mint is supporting this year’s theme, “Gender and Oceans,” along with thousands of organizations all over the world.

World Ocean Day has been celebrated since 2013, organized by several entities. These entities include the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the World Ocean Network, among others. The goal is to inspire more people to do something to save the oceans.

Join Us in Saving Our Oceans

We are planning a few things to spread awareness among our patrons who will dine at our restaurants that day. We’ll start by encouraging everyone not to use plastic straws, which is also in line with our #StrawlessMint campaign. This simple act could do a lot in keeping our oceans clean and plastic-free.

We will also serve ocean-friendly dishes on that day, so please do check out our special menu. We’ll continue to serve our staples, particularly the must-try Crispy Basil Pacific Cod Fish. June 8 is the perfect time for you to enjoy freshly cooked and distinctly flavored deep-sea dishes only from Asian Mint.

But if you’re not into fish and seafood because you’re vegan, don’t worry. We have a lot of vegan and vegetarian options on our menu list too. Come visit us and let us serve you some great veggie dish choices, such as the crispy tofu salad or the papaya salad. We can also make some of our specialty noodle and stir-fry dishes vegan at your request.

Visit us soon!


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