Enjoy a Chocolate Treat at Asian Mint on World Chocolate Day

Enjoy a Chocolate Treat at Asian Mint on World Chocolate Day

Hey, Mint Fanatics—did you know that July 7 is World Chocolate Day? Of all the many food holidays we observe every year, World Chocolate Day is definitely one of our favorites. What’s not to love about this day? After all, it’s an excuse to celebrate this tastiest of treats and indulge in it when we can.

July 7 is just around the corner, people. And we invite you to take this opportunity to savor Asian Mint’s delectable chocolate offerings.

Why celebrate World Chocolate Day?

So, why do we commemorate World Chocolate Day on July 7? The short and sweet answer is this: July 7 is supposedly the date when chocolate first landed in Europe way back in the 16th century. But though chocolate has been regularly consumed worldwide for hundreds of years, World Chocolate Day itself only started as an unofficial holiday around 2009.

Besides, the world celebrates chocolate on other days too. Americans, for one, have two National Chocolate Days—October 28 and December 28—plus an International Chocolate Day, September 13. Additionally, in some parts of the world, January 10 is Bittersweet Chocolate Day, July 28 is Milk Chocolate Day, and September 22 is White Chocolate Day.

That’s a lot of chocolate-loving days on the calendar, don’t you think? But that’s alright, because we have a lot of reasons to love chocolate. For one, chocolate has a lot of health benefits, such as:

  • Chocolate is chockful of nutrients like fiber, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium.
  • It has more active antioxidants than blueberries.
  • Chocolate can improve blood pressure and heart health.
  • The antioxidants in chocolate can help protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Eating small amounts of dark chocolate can help you stay awake and alert almost as much as a cup of coffee.

Most of all, eating chocolate, especially high-quality dark chocolate, can make you feel good enough to boost your mood and chase away the blues.

Have you tried Asian Mint’s chocolate delights yet?

World Chocolate Day acknowledges the goodness of chocolate, and the only way to celebrate this day is by eating chocolate. Which brings us to the next matter at hand: Have you tried the chocolate at Asian Mint yet?

If you haven’t yet, oh goodness, you’re missing out. We’ve got two delectable chocolate treats on Asian Mint’s menu. One is our Chocolate Flourless Cake, which is a rich, custardy cake served with raspberry sauce. It’s an indulgence you can enjoy nearly guilt-free because it’s gluten-free.

The other is our Double-Fudge Nut Brownie. The name says it all—it oozes with fudgy chocolate, and the nuts provide that delightful texture and crunch. We serve it with chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream—you can choose between vanilla bean or green tea ice cream.

Try these chocolate desserts the next time you’re at Asian Mint, whether or not it’s World Chocolate Day. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them.

See you soon!


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