Check Out Chef Nikky’s New “Nikky Feeding Souls” Show on YouTube

Check Out Chef Nikky’s New “Nikky Feeding Souls” Show on YouTube

Are you subscribed to our mailing list? If yes, then you’d know that our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana has a brand spanking new YouTube channel called “Nikky Feeding Souls.” Launched around New Year’s Day, this online show is one of the first of many projects that Chef Nikky has cooking for 2019.

“Nikky Feeding Souls” takes viewers on an inspiring journey through Bangkok, Thailand

While Dallas is definitely Chef Nikky’s hometown, she spent most of her childhood in Bangkok, Thailand before moving to the US. “Nikky Feeding Souls” is Chef Nikky’s attempt to inspire her viewers to enjoy life and pursue their passions through stories of her travels back to Bangkok.

Each of the show’s episode is only around five or so minutes long, and features an aspect of Thai food and culture. In the words of Chef Nikky:

“I am here to help feed your soul with yummy foods and travels around Bangkok, Thailand this season of 2019! We will talk to long-time restauranteurs and entrepreneurs who follow their passion to cook, serve, and feed souls just like me.”

Watch new episodes of “Nikky Feeding Souls” every week

The “Nikky Feeding Souls” show is now live on YouTube, and you can catch a new episode every week. So you can stay up-to-date on the latest episodes, please click the subscribe button when you visit the channel.

For more news and info about “Nikky Feeding Souls,” you can also check out its Instagram and Facebook pages.


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