Cool Off with These Special Asian Mint Summer Drinks

Cool Off with These Special Asian Mint Summer Drinks

|  It goes without saying that you need to keep your body hydrated, especially in summer. For one, cool summer drinks bring instant relief from the summer heat. For another, drinking lots of liquids is a sure way of preventing heat-induced fatigue and heatstroke.

At Asian Mint, we’ve got a selection of drinks that’s just perfect for your typical Dallas summer. These summer drinks are always served cold and are absolutely delicious. Check them out:

Butterfly Pea Flower Limeade

We never fail to marvel at how magical our butterfly pea flower limeade is. Butterfly pea flower is a flower native to Southeast Asia, and it’s popular for its deep blue color. Drinks made with butterfly pea flower are usually called mood drinks because they change in color depending on the liquid’s pH level. Our butterfly pea flower limeade comes in a vivid purple color, thanks to the acidity of lime juice.

Handcrafted Soda

What we love most about handcrafted soda is it’s lots of fun. We get to play with the recipe and still come up with a delightfully fizzy drink without the generic store-bought soda taste. You can enjoy Asian Mint’s handcrafted soda in these refreshing flavors: strawberry, lavender cucumber, and elderflower berry.

Thai Tea

Of course, no lineup of Asian Mint’s special summer drinks would be complete without any mention of our signature Thai tea. Our Thai tea is truly awesome on a hot summer day – it’s made strong with top-shelf Ceylon tea and creamy with condensed milk. The tea’s distinct citrus flavor also adds to its cooling effect. Order this drink on a Thursday, and we might just have a #ThaiTeaTuesday surprise for you. Fun fact: Asian Mint’s Thai Tea was crowned Best in Dallas in 2016.


If your idea of cooling down involves wines and cocktails, we’ve got you covered. Asian Mint has a selection of fun, Asian-inspired drinks like mango martini and green teatini, not to mention wines and beers. Just pop by Asian Mint from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and enjoy these drinks at Happy Hour rates.

Staying cool and hydrated is a must in summer. Make hydrating awesome and fun with Asian Mint’s special summer drinks.

See you soon!


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