Dallas News Reports on Asian Mint’s Big Year (So Far)

Dallas News Reports on Asian Mint’s Big Year (So Far)

It tickles us plenty when we find mentions of Asian Mint in the news, whether published online or in print, or on other people’s blogs. It’s not just because it’s publicity for the restaurant. It just feels great to be recognized for the things we do.

One of the more recent tidbits in the news we found for Asian Mint is from Deborah Fleck’s community column in Dallas News. Thank you so much, Deborah, for including us in your column.

Dallas News mentions Asian Mint awards and EnjoyMint expansion

So, what did Dallas News say about Asian Mint? It mentioned us getting Diner’s Choice Awards from Open Table, as well as our nomination in D Magazine’s 2018 Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll. The column also added a few words about our effort to give back to the community, and about the upcoming opening of EnjoyMint in Richardson.

Getting mentioned in publications like Dallas News is a big deal for us. And it’s not just because it gets the word out about Asian Mint. Dallas News is a media outfit known for its wide coverage of topics that matter to Dallasites. Its reach goes beyond the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but throughout North Texas. Most importantly, they have a reputation for fair reporting, sticking to facts, and respectability.

Dallas News is a publication powered by The Dallas Morning News. Both media outfits are owned by the Belo Media Group, one of the most renowned media companies in North Texas.

We’re truly honored to be part of Dallas News’ coverage.

It’s indeed been a big year for Asian Mint, so far

The year 2018 has been a tremendous year for Asian Mint so far, and we’re extremely grateful for the blessings, the recognition, and all the good things that have been coming our way thus far. The year isn’t even over, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what more 2018 has in store for us.

We’re especially excited for the upcoming opening of EnjoyMint this June. The store is almost ready. We’ve got the menu almost figured out. We’ll be announcing the eight signature bowls we’ve created just for EnjoyMint soon. And we’ve got some great people who will be working with us to make EnjoyMint the happy place it’s meant to be.

Most importantly, we’re thankful to you, our Mint Fanatics – the ones who’ve been with us from the start, the new ones who’ve just entered the fold, and the ones that came in between. There’s simply no Asian Mint without you. You’re the ones who kept us going when we first opened our doors, and you’re the ones who will keep us going into the future.

So, thank you. This is all for you.


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