Eating Green and Healthy at Asian Mint is Easy

Eating Green and Healthy at Asian Mint is Easy

June is the month for eating green and eating healthy. Here at Asian Mint, we’ll make sure that you’re always eating right. Asian Mint is a supporter of the vegetarian diet, and we’re one with the rest of the world in celebrating these three major vegan events in June:

June 16 – Fresh Veggies Day

Fresh Veggies Day poses a challenge to everyone to pile up vegetables on their plates and cut back on meat. If you can to consume as many as ten portions of vegetables distributed between the three major meals throughout the day on June 16, then you’re good to go.

Our menu selection here at Asian Mint contains several vegetable dishes that you’ll surely enjoy. We make every dish special so you’re free to mix and match veggie with some meat choices or the lack of it for that matter. The choice is yours!

June 17 – Eat Your Vegetables Day

Eat Your Vegetables Day is celebrated on the 17th of June every year, and it serves a constant reminder that we need to incorporate greens, fruits, and other healthy food choices in our meals. This day isn’t only directed to kids who don’t like eating their vegetables, but to all adults, too!

Come visit us on this day and we’ll serve you a plateful of fresh and tasty veggies that would satisfy your hunger and nutrition requirements at the same time. Asian Mint’s menu contains a good selection of dishes that are loaded with veggies and healthy goodies in it.

June 17 to 23 – World Meat-Free Week

Can you cut back on eating meat for a full week? That’s the challenge that the World Meat Free Week is asking of you. They’re doing this to encourage people to eat more plant-based food rather than relying heavily on meat consumption. Studies show that plant-based nourishment is more sustainable and friendlier to the environment.

At Asian Mint, we’ll help you answer to that challenge. Check out our menu and you’ll see that we use more vegetables in our dishes more than any other restaurants in town. You can always add or remove the meat in our dishes. It’s always your choice. Here at Asian Mint, we believe and support the concept of healthy eating. So should you!


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