eWomen Network Nominates Chef Nikky for “Made it to a Million” Award

eWomen Network Nominates Chef Nikky for “Made it to a Million” Award

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Can we all take the time to congratulate Chef Nikky Phinyawatana today? She just got nominated for eWomen Network‘s “Made it to a Million” Award!

Chef Nikky won’t know for sure if she wins it until this Thursday, July 12, at the International Femtor Awards. The Awards is part of the scheduled program of the 18th annual eWomen Network Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. The Expo, in turn, is happening from July 12 to 14 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Frisco, Texas.

Whether she grabs the award or not, Chef Nikky is already a superstar in our eyes. We’re so proud of her. And we really hope she wins. With all the work she’s put into Asian Mint, EnjoyMint, and her other charitable endeavors, Chef Nikky sure deserves it. She’s an inspiration to us all.

“Give first, share always”: How eWomen Network rolls

Behind the International Femtor Awards and the eWomen Network Entrepreneur Conference and Expo is the eWomen Network Foundation. As its name suggests, the eWomen Network is a networking organization made up of female – and male – entrepreneurs and professionals eager to achieve great things through their businesses and through their personal lives. The Network provides its members with topnotch tools and top-of-the-line coaching – or “femtorship” in the Network’s parlance – to help them attain their goals.

But the Network does more than catapult its members to the top of the ladders they’re climbing. The central mantra of the organization is to “give first, share always.” As members rise high enough to shatter whatever glass ceilings they’re trying to break, they’re expected to help pull up their fellow members by sharing their own knowledge and expertise. The eWomen Network Foundation, in short, is an organization that helps women help other women to succeed.

The force behind the eWomen Network Foundation is none other than Sandra Yancey. Aside from her role as the Foundation’s CEO, Ms. Yancey is an award-winning entrepreneur, as well as a bestselling author. She personally coaches select students through her SOAR with Sandra program.

Chef Nikky attributes her growth to SOAR

Things have been happening so fast with Chef Nikky these past few years, with the recent opening of EnjoyMint and Asian Mint’s Inwood Village location barely a year old. And then, we’ve got the accolades that have been coming her way as well.

Chef Nikky attributes a good part of her success to the personal coaching she got through SOAR. She said: “I doubled my growth in four years and have crossed the multi-million-dollar threshold!”

And that’s why she’s nominated for a “Made it to a Million” Award. All that hard work in the past few years have made her more than qualified to receive a recognition acknowledging the fact that few women make it to the top of their chosen industry. According to research, only 2% of women-owned businesses churn out earnings of $1 million or so every year.

Passion for her craft and the willingness to give the work her everything, combined with her personal generosity, is what got Chef Nikky this far. Congratulations, Chef Nikky! We salute you.


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