Have Some Veggies and Dim Sum at Asian Mint on National Dim Sum Week

Have Some Veggies and Dim Sum at Asian Mint on National Dim Sum Week

Come celebrate the National Dim Sum week with Asian Mint’s Veggies and Dim Sum on June 30, 2019. Join us in honoring our Asian roots, which traces back to the centuries-old, legendary East Asian food. Ours is an Asian fusion restaurant. This means our menu is a good mix of Thai, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines.

We cook tasty and healthy foods every day with high regard for our Asian influences. We happily toss a lot of veggies into our dishes, while still giving our guests a plethora of meat choices to add to their meals. With us, it’s easy to concoct a healthy dish that suits your palate and dietary preferences.

What’s a Dim Sum?

A dim sum, also called dumplings, is a type of Chinese food served in bite-size portions. Dim sum comes either steamed or fried. Then they’re served in steamer baskets or on small plates, whichever cooking method is used. People usually eat dim sum with tea, which is why it is perfect for brunch. Some people regard dim sum as a small roast pork bun wrapped in paper-thin dough. Of course, some chefs may toss a few other little surprises inside the wrapper.

Asian Mint serves crispy wonton dim sum as a side dish. Feel free to try this delectable Chinese food whenever you visit us, but more so during the National Dim Sum Day. If you combine our dim sum with our house specials, particularly the ones with veggies, then you’re in for one of the best meals of your life!

Asian Mint is very proud to serve one of the best-tasting Asian-inspired foods in Dallas. Be sure to count us as one of your favorites as you scour the area for modern Thai and Asian fusion cuisine. We definitely serve more than just dim sum. Check out our menu today.

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