Mint Fanatics Receive up to an EXTRA 30% OFF

Mint Fanatics Receive up to an EXTRA 30% OFF

*UPDATE*: We’ve discontinued this promotion. Thank you!


Asian Mint ® has another exciting offer just for Mint Fanatics. If you haven’t become one yet, you can join here. If you are a Mint Fanatic, you are entitled to some exciting, special luxuries.

To show our love for our beloved Mint Fanatics, we have special offers on TheShops.TV. Who doesn’t love offers and discounts?! The products that you can shop for include almost everything that you use in daily life, and we are sure that you’ll just love these deals. From fashion to lifestyle, there is something for everyone.

Mint Fanatics get up to an EXTRA 30% in exclusive discounts with online shopping network partner, TheShops.TV. The product line-up includes beauty and fashion items, home decor, jewelry, purses, shoes, and much more. The partnership will also support Asian Mint’s local charities.

From the very reputed Gretchen Christine Rossi collection of wonderful jewelry from the FAITH collection by Pam Hatchard, you’ll find something to love. Mint Fanatics can also choose from Bella Schneider’s line of beauty products. The list doesn’t stop here! Since Asian Mint ® is offering these discounts, how can culinary equipment not be there on the list?! There is Nordic Ware which offers premium cookware products that you’ll love. Cast aluminium products are available too! From vases to jackets to lamps, bracelets, and tote bags, there is a huge collection from which you can choose. So without further ado, head over to the site and start shopping!

What you also need to remember is that a part of the proceeds will go to the Dallas Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International. You are not only shopping for yourself with these discounts but also helping others in the process. Enjoy!

A portion of the proceeds benefits the Dallas Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International.


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