Online Parenting Guide Winnie Tags Asian Mint as Kid-Friendly

Online Parenting Guide Winnie Tags Asian Mint as Kid-Friendly

At Asian Mint, one of the things we take great pride in is our effort to keep our restaurants kid-friendly. We want families to enjoy dining with us. We also do our best to help parents introduce their children to new flavors. Plus, we are conscious of the nutrition profile of every dish we serve. So, parents can feel assured that their kids will be eating healthily with us.

It always feels awesome to discover that our efforts are recognized. So we’re definitely tickled pink when we found out that Asian Mint landed in Winnie’s listing of kid-friendly restaurants in Dallas.

Winnie is an online childcare marketplace for working mothers

First of all, what is Winnie? Winnie is primarily an online marketplace where parents can find childcare services for their little ones, from daycares to preschools, in the areas the website covers. But Winnie does more than provide a list of these childcare services. It provides detailed reports on each service, including information on licensing, safety, parent reviews, and other insights. Parents can also sign up and receive updates on childcare openings.

Aside from reviewing childcare services, Winnie also runs listings on local child-friendly services. These listings include restaurants, parks, playgrounds, museums, amusement centers, and other establishments. Winnie additionally has various resources on parenting, as well as forums where parents can discuss a wide range of issues involving kids.

Winnie was established in 2016 by working moms Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall. Both worked in the tech industry, and both got frustrated at the lack of childcare resources available online, which led them to start their own website. Today, Winnie covers a wide range of cities in all 50 states, including Dallas.

What makes Asian Mint kid-friendly?

What services does Asian Mint offer to merit the kid-friendly tagging? For one, we have a fabulous kids’ menu, where we offer a range of Asian Mint favorites simplified for kiddie tastes. But simplified they may be, they’re just as packed with nutrition and flavor.

In addition, we have tables with enough space to accommodate strollers, and we have high chairs where parents can safely seat their toddlers. Our restrooms have changing tables and kid-sized facilities, and we have a mothers’ room where mommies can feed their babies in peace.

Have you brought your kids for a meal at Asian Mint yet? If not, then what are you waiting for?

See you soon!


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