Stay Cool with Asian Mint’s Healthy and Yummy Summer Eats

Stay Cool with Asian Mint’s Healthy and Yummy Summer Eats

When it comes to healthy and yummy summer eats that keep your body cool, we’ve got you covered, Mint Fanatics. Asian Mint has lots of items on the menu that will refresh you with every bite and help hydrate your body. Here’s a pick of our favorite summer eats that we invite you to try (that is, if you haven’t already):

Fresh Summer Rolls

Our fresh summer rolls are aptly named. Each bite is packed with ingredients that can significantly lower your body temperature—fresh vegetables, shredded vegetables, and chicken. You can even add shrimp if you want to pack in more protein and flavor. The mint in each bite brings instant coolness in your mouth. You may find that comforting on a really hot day.

Asian Noodle Salad

In many American households, salads are a summer staple. That’s because eating fresh and raw vegetables can keep us chill in more ways than we could count. We have a lot of nice salads on the Asian Mint menu, but we highly recommend our Asian noodle salad as a yummy summer eat. It’s made with colorful seasonal vegetables, plus antioxidant-rich grape tomatoes. Cilantro and fresh mint add a refreshing touch, while spicy lime sauce makes this dish more thrilling. Hey, spicy food is good for summer eating, and we’ll explain why in a bit.


There’s wisdom in eating spicy food in summer. Otherwise, people in hot and humid countries like Thailand won’t eat them at all. According to scientists, eating spicy food is a clever way to keep cool on hot days. Spicy food raises your body’s internal temperature, so you get to sweat more. The more you sweat, the cooler you feel.

So you can start on your spicy food journey (that is, if you haven’t already), we recommend that you try Asian Mint’s red and green curries. These deliciously creamy dishes will make you sweat with every bite. But you’ll feel cool and refreshed once you’re done with your plate. Though if you want to go easy on the spice, you can try our yellow curry. Yellow curry is milder, but it’s just as creamy and yummy.

Asian Mint’s summer drinks

Of course, filling up on refreshing fluids is also essential in keeping your body hydrated for summer. Asian Mint has a selection of special drinks that are just perfect on hot summer days. Check them out.

What you eat this summer can do a lot in keeping your body cool against the sultry Dallas heat. Stay cool, Mint Fanatics, and fill up on Asian Mint’s yummy summer eats.

See you soon!


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