Top 3 Reasons to Join Asian Mint in Dallas for Brunch

Top 3 Reasons to Join Asian Mint in Dallas for Brunch

It’s summertime—that means late mornings and longer days. It’s the perfect time of year to join us for an early afternoon meal. If you live in the Dallas area, we have created a unique menu with brunch items unlike anywhere else. Our dishes are specially created by our head chef Nikky Phinyawatana to help awaken your taste buds and fill your belly. Asian Mint is known for our New Bangkok style Asian Fusion recipes and our mid-day menu is no different. Most of the items are inspired from Nikky’s childhood in Thailand. When you join us you are really getting authentic family secrets. We can’t wait to share these recipes with you which is why we decided to make a list of the top three reasons you should let us take over your afternoon.

More than Bacon and Eggs

Come enjoy the flavors of your favorite breakfast foods- all with a twist. If you aren’t sure what to order here are a few of our most popular brunch dishes. One of our favorite menu item is our crab fried rice with a fried egg. We crack a few fresh eggs over our rice and increase the heat. Then, we mix in the crab meat with spring onions and some cilantro. As the flavors combine, we garnish with lime and cucumbers. Another popular menu item is our bacon and egg fried rice. This is definitely a customer favorite- everything you love about fried rice with bacon. If you are a bacon lover we have more and this next one is for you. Another house favorite is our bacon and egg pad Thai. Our Pad Thai has always been a lunch favorite so we decided to add this to our brunch menu with bacon. How many times have you said ‘yum’ already?

Specialty Drinks

The number two reason to join us for brunch is that we mix some of the best adult drinks in Dallas. For our guests 21 and over with valid ID, we gladly offer Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. Our Mimosas are composed of equal parts champagne and chilled citrus juice. Our juice options include orange and pineapple. We suggest trying our pineapple Mimosa as it is a little bit sweet but also tangy, perfect for any hot summer day. Mimosas are $3. For our non-citrus lovers we can mix up a Bloody Mary. Of course we had to put our own flare on it! We serve Asian style Bloody Mary’s; they contain vodka, tomato juice, and a combination of other spices. These drinks are 5$.


And the last reason why Asian Mint is a great choice for your early afternoon hunger pangs is that we have created a special dining atmosphere. Since we opened our first doors in 2005, this has been part of our values and how we operate. Our restaurants are modern, clean but still cozy and family friendly. We are thrilled to bring Dallas great food with fresh ingredients in an environment that is welcoming and fun.

We hope that some of the dishes described above encourage you to grab a few friends and join us. Hurry in! Brunch is served at our Mint location from 11-3pm on Saturday’s and at our Forest Lane location on Saturday and Sunday from 11-3pm. Hope to see you soon!


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