Acoustics Designer Unika Vaev Lists Asian Mint Among Its Featured Projects

Acoustics Designer Unika Vaev Lists Asian Mint Among Its Featured Projects

If you’ve been to Asian Mint Forest Lane, you’d have noticed the pretty, leaf-like tiles decorating its walls. These tiles sport green and grey colors, creating a refreshing contrast against the wall’s clean whiteness. Here’s a secret, though-—those tiles are more than just eye-catching wall decor. They’re acoustic tiles created by design company Unika Vaev.

We just found out that the company has listed Asian Mint among the featured projects on its website. We’re loving it, and we want to say thank you to Unika Vaev for the spotlight.

Unika Vaev creates acoustic solutions to contemporary spaces

Established in 1975, Unika Vaev offers acoustic solutions to a variety of spaces—offices, schools, restaurants, theaters, hotels, and others. Their design products are both functional and stylish. These products include tiles, textiles, rugs, and leathers. In case you’re wondering, the company’s name is a Danish phrase meaning “unique weave.”

Asian Mint used Unika Vaev’s Ecoustic® Foliar and Flex Foliar tiles. These tiles are versatile in that you can combine them in different ways and using different colors. They’re also environment-friendly, as they’re partly made with recycled materials. The Ecoustic® Foliar tiles additionally have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.65. This means these tiles can absorb sounds pretty well.

Food + experience = Asian Mint

As y’all Mint Fanatics know, Asian Mint takes deep pride in the quality of the food we serve. You can be sure that every dish you order here is made with fresh ingredients, is full of flavor, and feeds the soul.

But we also care deeply about your experience. We want you to relax in amiable surroundings while dining. And we want you to enjoy great conversations with your companions during your meal. After all, great food and awesome company definitely make for a fun and wonderful time.

See y’all soon!


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