Asian Mint Celebrates Vegan Cuisine Month

Asian Mint Celebrates Vegan Cuisine Month

February is Vegan Cuisine Month. For vegans in the US, it’s a time for celebrating the philosophy that drives the vegan diet and lifestyle. In a nutshell, that philosophy is that animal life is sacred and not using them for food can make the world kinder and more sustainable.

If you’re vegan, we invite you to celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month at Asian Mint. Asian Mint has plenty of vegan options on the menu, and most of the food we serve can be customized to suit your preferences. In fact, Dallas Eater listed Asian Mint as one of the best restaurants in Dallas for vegans and vegetarians.

Not a vegan? Then no worries. We’re still inviting you to go on an adventure and explore the many vegan options at Asian Mint. Consider it as a way to play with your food and try new tastes and flavors. You just might like it enough to make it a regular alternate to your meat-filled meals.

What is Vegan Cuisine Month?

Vegan Cuisine Month is an annual event organized by the American Vegan Society (AVS). AVS is considered to be one of the oldest advocacy groups for veganism in the US. It was started by animal rights activist H. Jay Dinshah in 1960. Through the Vegan Cuisine Month, AVS aims to spread awareness of veganism not just as a diet system but also as a way of life.

To its advocates, there is more to veganism than refusing to eat food sourced from animals. It’s more of a philosophy that animal life is just as sacred as human life. In their belief, respecting animal life and not consuming any animal-sourced product can lead to a world that is less cruel and more ecologically friendly.

How to dine at Asian Mint as a vegan

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Asian Mint menu has plenty of vegan options. You can try our steamed edamame, fresh summer rolls, or vegetable dumplings as starters. We have a selection of soups, salads, and curries that you can order prepared as vegan. We have desserts that don’t contain eggs or dairy and are made creamy and tasty with coconut milk. As for our lattes and other milk-based drinks, you can request them to be made with almond milk instead.

Additionally, most of the items on the Asian Mint menu can be modified to suit your specific diet or food preferences. So, if there’s something on our menu that you’d like to try but aren’t sure if it’s vegan, you can ask your Mintee server if it’s possible to have it prepared vegan. Our chefs are well trained for such modifications.

So, happy Vegan Cuisine Month to all of us. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’re more than welcome to explore the vegan goodies you can enjoy at Asian Mint.

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