In the News: Asian Mint Richardson Makes Its Grand Debut

In the News: Asian Mint Richardson Makes Its Grand Debut

Hey, Mint Fanatics! We have to say that the past couple weeks have been super busy and exciting for the Asian Mint family. We’ve got our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana demoing Asian Mint’s New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine at the Texas State Fair. Then there’s our anniversary party and Chef Nikky’s upcoming TV appearance on Fox4.

Say Hello to Asian Mint Richardson!

But of all the things that happened in the past weeks, nothing is more special than the grand debut of Asian Mint Richardson. And our media friends sure took notice. Here’s what they had to say:

Community Impact

Community Impact’s report on the Asian Mint Richardson debut was short but pretty sweet. It mentioned how we believe that we can serve the Richardson community by offering them the Asian Mint full-service model. The report also had a few words on the variety of our menu and the full-service bar we have on location. It also said that we plan to offer cooking classes there as well.


CraveDFW did more than just mention Asian Mint Richardson’s opening date and location. It delved a bit into Chef Nikky’s history—how she got into the food business and how she came up with the Asian Mint concept. Most of all, the article talked about the soul-feeding properties of Asian Mint’s food. Among these properties mentioned are the use of fresh and healthy ingredients, as well as healing herbs and spices.

CultureMap Dallas

CultureMap Dallas serves up a “Where to Eat” column every month. In this column, the publication puts up a list of restaurants it recommends based on the month’s theme. October’s theme apparently is all about “places to grab a casual bite with good food and no drama.” We’re totally flattered that we’re included in this no-drama list. After all, we’re all about the food.

Dallas Eater

Dallas Eater’s report on Asian Mint Richardson’s debut is entitled “Beloved Thai Restaurant Asian Mint Debuts Newest Outpost in Richardson.” Awww… the cockles of our collective hearts are officially warmed up. Aside from this, the article talked a bit about the kind of food we serve. It also did a bit of a throwback by mentioning that this October is the 15th anniversary of Asian Mint’s debut in the Dallas food scene.

FSR Magazine

FSR Magazine’s story on the Asian Mint Richardson is straight and fine—nothing flowery and all the necessary details are there. The article described the kind and variety of food that people can expect from the Richardson location. It also touched upon our desire to feed each guest that passes through our doors not just physically, but also spiritually—feeding their souls, in short.

Thank you so much, media friends, for allotting some space on your publications for Asian Mint Richardson.

And Mint Fanatics, have you been to Asian Mint Richardson yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

See you there!


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