Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Joins Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market Nov. 3

Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Joins Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market Nov. 3

Hey, Mint Fanatics – looking for something special to do on Saturday, November 3, 2018? If you don’t have anything lined up yet, save the date and show up at Victory Park around 6:30 PM-ish. Chefs for Farmers is going to hold their Street Food Night Market on the evening of November 3, and our very own Chef Nikky Phinyawatana will be in it.

So, if you want to see Chef Nikky in action, munch on delicious Thai street food a la Asian Mint, and feel good that you’re supporting our local farmers while enjoying great eats, come and join us at the Chefs for Farmers Street Food Night Market. You can get your tickets here.

Chefs for Farmers supports sustainable eating by supporting local farmers

Chefs for Farmers is a non-profit organization made up of like-minded chefs, food artisans, and culinary influencers. They are brought together by one common goal, and that is to make the way we all eat eco-friendlier and more sustainable.

To achieve this goal, they set up various events throughout the year that will support local and regional farmers. At the same time, these events are designed to showcase the talents of participating chefs and food artisans, as well as to promote Dallas as a culinary capital. The Street Food Night Market is one such event.

Beyond promoting sustainability in the way we eat, Chefs for Farmers also backs the Youth With Faces charity program. The aim of Youth With Faces is to give young people in the juvenile justice system a chance to transform their lives positively upon their release. Through this program, these young people go through hands-on training that will help them improve their social skills and secure jobs once they get out of the juvenile system. Chefs for Farmers is specifically involved in the program’s greenhouse and urban farm projects that will support the students’ culinary, nutrition, and horticulture classes.

See Chef Nikky whip up Thai street food faves at the Street Food Night Market

We can’t stress it hard enough how important it is for us to support our local farmers and practice sustainable eating. By supporting our local farmers, we get to help spur our local economy. This means more jobs and bigger incomes for everyone, as well as better services from our local government units. By practicing sustainable eating, we get to help reduce greenhouse emissions, preserve the environment, and slow down climate change.

So, Mint Fanatics, if you’re not doing anything this Saturday, November 3, please block your evening at join Chef Nikky at the Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market. There you can watch her and her team whip up street food versions of Asian Mint favorites. Better yet, bring a date with you. Again, the Street Food Night Market is at Victory Park. Tickets are available here – $60 for the regular rate and $95 for the VIP rate.

See you there!


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