Expansion Of Love Project 2

Expansion Of Love Project 2

Asian Mint Expansion of Love Project Update

Hello Mint fanatics. Just wanted to keep you up to date as promised. If you’re watching this for the first time and you want to get updates via text, just text 469-214-6468 and text the word, love, to that number. You’ll get a text update. I’m going to send you something probably every three days or so.

Just to let you know, we have two more days before we close down on Sunday the 3rd. Come and see the old Mint right now we’re filming on the new site of the Mint. It is shell, ready to go, so you guys have been wondering…. How are we going to get this all done in 12 days. They are working day and night to make this happen. We have just this wall, just this thin wall, so that we can literally hear you guys on the other side.

So you come and pick up some sauce. I have a YouTube channel. If you just go to YouTube and search #cookingwithnikky, all one word. Have a couple of videos of how to make Pad Thai. Come and pick up some Pad Thai sauce. I have Sweet and Sour sauce, all packed up and ready to go. You will not miss it while we’re closed, and also you can visit us on The Mint on Oaklawn. They’re open Monday through Saturday as always. This way, you’ll still get a little of us any day that you want.

Just a little preview of what’s going on. We have this door all the way to the kitchen. This door goes back to the private dining room. So the next video coming up, I’m going to walk you through of what’s coming, and what’s going to happen, what all we have in store.

Super duper excited. Keep posted. Text 469-214-6468 the word, love. You will get an update from us, a cute little offer as well in there. Keep posted. Excited. Thank you for following and have a great day.


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