Gluten Free Pad Thai For Food Lovers In Dallas

Gluten Free Pad Thai For Food Lovers In Dallas

One of the most delicious and frequently ordered dishes at Asian Mint is Pad Thai and the best part is that it is gluten free! The dish is made with gluten free rice noodles cooked with shrimp, chicken, and tofu. It is topped with fresh bean spouts and crushed peanuts. So, food lovers in Dallas are in luck because Asian Mint brings Pad Thai and many other Thai fusion food items which are great for gluten free and dairy free diners. Because these dishes are rice based, they are amazing for customers who opt for gluten free meals while dining out.

If you are looking for gluten free food at Dallas, Asian Mint is the right place to visit. Generally, Thai cuisine is a great option for gluten-free consumers when they are dining out. This is because many Thai dishes do not need much alterations for suiting the tastes of these customers. You can always make customizations to your own favorite dishes while placing orders at the restaurants but if you are looking for readymade gluten free dishes, you have certain options like Pad Thai, Curries, Soups, Salads, stir fried dishes, and Mango Sticky Rice. Give your tongue the taste it wants while giving your body the treatment it deserves.

Asian Mint is frequently visited by diners who are sensitive to gluten and the restaurant makes it a priority to make sure that preferences of these customers are taken care of. Hence, the menu is designed in such a way that the diners can enjoy a delicious meal, without compromising the heath aspects. It is also, conveniently, up to the diners to make special requests which the restaurant can easily comply with. For instance, the requests to hold the soy sauce in Thai noodles, rice and other dishes can easily be accommodated by the restaurant. If you are getting food parcels delivered to your home or office, make sure to place your special requests over the phone while placing the orders. Just let the restaurant know about your gluten free needs because many of the dishes on the menu can be made gluten free. Now there is no need to jeopardize your health in order to enjoy a tasty meal. At Asian Mint, there are several Thai options to choose from that can fit most dietary needs and budgets.

Being gluten-free does not mean that you cannot enjoy the amazing flavors of the Thai cuisine. For Pad Thai lovers at Dallas, it is a matter of asking the right questions, planning ahead, and making sure that you choose Asian Mint because they believe in catering specifically to your needs. If you are highly allergic, we do want to inform you that we do prep and cook in a kitchen that has gluten, peanuts, dairy, seafood, and other allergens.


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