ICYMI: Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Among Headliners in 6th Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market

ICYMI: Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Among Headliners in 6th Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market

Hi, Mint Fanatics! In case you missed it, Chef Nikky Phinyawatana was one of the chefs featured in the 6th Annual Street Food Night Market hosted by Chefs for Farmers at Victory Park last November 3, 2018. Did you catch her there? We certainly hope you did!

It was definitely a fun night that kept the team busy. And when it came to serving up great eats to the crowd at the market that night, Chef Nikky was in great company. The other chefs that headlined the event included Victor Corral of Dive Coastal Cuisine, Matt Ford of Billy Can Can, Angela Hernandez of Fine China, Jennifer Newbold of Imoto, Ryan Olmos of CiboDivino, and Luis Olvera of Trompo.

Chefs for Farmers advocates support for local farmers

Behind the energy and the revelry of the Street Food Night Market is a cause close to Chef Nikky’s heart, and that is promoting sustainability in the way we eat. Chefs for Farmers is a not-for-profit organization comprised of chefs, culinary artisans, and social influencers who share among them a goal. That goal is to make the way we all eat much more sustainable and friendlier to the environment, largely by buying local and supporting local farmers.

Hosting food-related events like the Street Food Night Market is just one way by which Chefs for Farmers pushes through to achieve this goal. Aside from promoting local farmers, Chefs for Farmers have also designed its events to showcase the talents of local Dallas chefs. The aim here is to put the spotlight on Dallas as a culinary capital.

Additionally, Chefs for Farmers helps fund Youth With Faces. Youth With Faces is a charity that targets young people caught in the juvenile system and gives them a chance to change their lives when they leave the system. Participants to the program receive hands-on training on improving their social skills as well as developing skills that can help them secure good jobs. Chefs for Farmers’ main commitment to the program is funding its greenhouse and urban farming projects, which are used in the participants’ classes in horticulture, culinary, and nutrition courses.

We can all be advocates for sustainable eating

If you made it to the Street Food Night Market last November 3, thank you so much for being there. It means so much to our local food industry, not just Asian Mint, that people like you go out and support causes affecting our community.

Supporting local farmers helps all of us in so many ways. For one, we get to do our part in keeping the local economy thriving. This means more jobs and more earnings for everyone, not to mention better services from the state government. For another, we get to do our part in protecting the environment. After all, practicing sustainable eating eventually leads to slowing down climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions created by transporting food from far away.

The beauty of all of this is you don’t have to wait for the next event like the Street Food Night Market to show your support to local farmers. Simply buying food and goods from Texan farmers and manufacturers can do the trick. Dining at restaurants that source ingredients from local farmers, like Asian Mint and EnjoyMint, is another way to do it.

See y’all soon.


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