Looking Back on 2018: A Fabulous Year for Asian Mint

Looking Back on 2018: A Fabulous Year for Asian Mint

Happy New Year, Mint Fanatics! The year 2018 is about to close as we write this blog post. And we’re all looking forward to all the food and the (responsible) drinking and the gathering with friends and family that we’re all meant to be doing on New Year’s Eve.

But before we say hello to 2019, let’s look back at what 2018 has been for all of us at Asian Mint. We have only three words to describe the year 2018: fabulous, blessed, and humbling. 2018 is fabulous for all the milestones the Mint Family has hit that year. We feel blessed for all the awards and accolades we have received. And it’s humbling to know that we couldn’t have achieved all that we have achieved without the love and support of our Mint Fanatics – that’s you, all you lovely people.

EnjoyMint joins the Mint Family in 2018

Asian Mint started 2018 with a bang. And by bang, we mean the opening of its millennial daughter, the cool and fast-casual EnjoyMint.

Just like Asian Mint, EnjoyMint serves fresh, healthy, and innovative food in the New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine. The only difference is that EnjoyMint is designed to cater to on-the-go students and professionals who need a quick bite and to busy families looking for healthier takeout. EnjoyMint’s quick and easy Thai bowls and protein skewers are making waves in the Richardson area, and we have high hopes for her future there.

Asian Mint landed in a lot of best lists in 2018

2018 is a year of best lists for Asian Mint. Here are some of them:

Chef Nikky is a featured chef in many 2018 Dallas events

As you Mint Fanatics know, Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is more than just our boss. She’s a fantastic woman whose passion and genius drive the engine that keeps the Mint Family running. We’re always proud to see her as a featured chef in many go-to events in and around Dallas. Here are just some of the 2018 events in which she’s a headliner:

Preston Hollow Advocate also published a profile of Chef Nikky. Additionally, Asian Mint was mentioned in the dining-out section of the bestseller The Gluten-Free Revolution by gluten-free diet pioneer Jax Peters Lowell.

Asian Mint supported meaningful causes in 2018

What is Asian Mint without its charitable giving? In 2018, the Mint Family put its money where its mouth and heart are by supporting a number of causes, financially and through other means. These causes include:

In 2018, Chef Nikky became a major donor to the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF), which runs a number of culinary and restaurant management programs, including the Texas ProStart initiative. For her donation, Chef Nikky was named one of the current members of the TRAEF President’s Circle.

Asian Mint also showed its green side by joining the shift to reusable straws in all its locations and at EnjoyMint to reduce plastic waste.

Asian Mint showered with awards in 2018

Asian Mint also racked in an unbelievable number of awards and accolades in 2018, some of which are:

And last, but certainly not the least, the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Thai Restaurant in Big D Magazine’s annual Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll.

2018 has been an astounding ride, and we’re sorry to see it go. But here’s to more and better things coming our way this 2019.

Happy New Year, Mint Fanatics!


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