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Hey, Mint Fanatics! As you may already know, we opened some of Asian Mint’s branches in Dallas in 2017. It’s been quite a ride since then, and we really enjoyed our journey with you. In the spirit of reminiscing a few significant memories, here’s our news roundup. ASIAN MINT GETS MULTIPLE

Thai food enthusiasts and keto followers, rejoice! Chef Nikky’s hosting a cook-along class featuring easy Thai keto-friendly recipes to feed your souls. She’s doing this in honor of Songkran, better known as Thai’s water festival or new year celebration. Join her as she discusses the beauty, culture, and tradition of Songkran

Growing up in Thailand, Chef Nikky loved Songkran. It’s one of the liveliest festivities you can attend, and you’ll receive some soaking whether you want to or not. She strived to continue celebrating Thai New Year even after she left Thailand. During Songkran, you’ll find Chef Nikky creating her favorite “Thai

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Despite the quarantines and sometimes lack of photogenic meal options, do you still take pictures of your meals? We’ve seen some of your creations using Chef Nikky’s meal kits, and we definitely appreciate that you shared them with us. CENTRAL TRACK STARTS PHOTOGRAPHERS ON FOOD PROJECT Central Track understands

As the pandemic spread, businesses faced forced closures, and people lost hope. It was a nightmare, seemingly spiraling downward endlessly. Chef Nikky felt down, too, but she knew her purpose and knew she had to continue feeding souls. At first, the virus was too far from entering Dallas that nobody paid