Asian Mint in the News: Feeding Souls with Healthy Food in the Time of Covid-19

Asian Mint in the News: Feeding Souls with Healthy Food in the Time of Covid-19

Every cloud has a silver lining, as the old adage goes. And we found our silver lining in this storm cloud that is the Covid-19 pandemic. Just like with other restaurants, Asian Mint had to close its doors to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus. At the same time, we realized that we need to stick to our mission of feeding souls.

So we did. If our Mint Fanatics can’t come to our dining rooms because they’re self-isolating, then the least we could do is to bring Asian Mint to them. They can get their Asian Mint favorites through curbside pickups and deliveries. They can also try their hand at making Asian Mint meals at home with our handy ChefMint meal kits.

Our efforts to continue feeding souls and serving our community have been noticed by various media outlets. Here are some of them.

Feeding souls with the ultimate Thai comfort food

In early April, Chef Nikky Phinyawatana appeared on Good Morning, Texas to show what could be the ultimate Thai comfort food. That’s none other than Thai chicken soup.

In the program, Chef Nikky briefly described how important feeding souls is. She also explained how food can act as medicine for healing the body and the spirit.

Healthy and convenient takeout options

Also in early April, the Modern Luxury Dallas magazine posted a list of Dallas places offering healthy lunches to go. Asian Mint made the list, with our fresh summer rolls, pad thai woon sen, and Thai coconut soup getting special mentions. The article also had a few words about ChefMint and our work in supporting the community.

Coping with self-quarantine with ChefMint meal kits

The Restaurant Hospitality magazine is doing a series entitled “Stories from the Front Line.” The intention of this series is to highlight and share restaurateurs’ experiences during the Covid-19 crisis. We consider it a huge honor that the magazine reached out to Chef Nikky so she could tell her own story about the times we’re in.

In her article, Chef Nikky said, “We believe that our community has their souls fed through beautiful, healthy hot meals and, in turn, they can contribute to the world in the way that they were meant to.” She described ChefMint, what is in it, and how you can make meals out of it. Chef Nikky additionally expressed the happiness she and her team feel whenever Mint Fanatics show off their ChefMint creations online.

These are challenging times we live in. Because of these challenges, it becomes all the more important that we take care of our health. It’s also important that we take care of each other.

Stay safe, Mint Fanatics, and see you soon!


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