ChefMint 5 Brings Asian Mint’s Signature Green Curry to Your Home

ChefMint 5 Brings Asian Mint’s Signature Green Curry to Your Home

Hey, Mint Fanatics! If you’re a fan of Asian Mint’s signature green curry, now is the chance to make it yourself at home. ChefMint 5, the latest in our ChefMint line of ready-to-cook meal kits, features our green curry, chicken satay, and Asian vegetable stir-fry. It’s available for preorder starting May 25.

Chef Nikky Phinyawatana recently did a Facebook Live demo showing how to create a delicious and gorgeous three-course meal using ChefMint 5. We’re sending a big thank you to Dallas Observer for including this cooking demo in their weekend roundup.

Indulge in soul-feeding Thai comfort food with ChefMint 5

As mentioned, Chef Mint 5 contains ingredients and instructions for making green curry, chicken satay, and Asian vegetable stir-fry. It also has jasmine rice—you can choose between white or brown jasmine rice when you order.

Green curry is a creamy, chunky dish made with chicken, coconut milk, eggplant, bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, and basil. What’s the difference between green curry and red curry? The main difference is that green curry is made from fresh green Thai chili. Red curry, on the other hand, uses red dried chili. These two types of curry have completely different flavor profiles. Moreover, green curry always has some type of eggplant in it.

Chicken satay are skewers of chicken breast marinated in various seasonings, including turmeric. We serve it with house-made peanut sauce. It’s a healthy, nearly fat-free protein dish.

Asian vegetable stir-fry is a mix of tofu and a variety of vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, carrots, green onions, and cabbage.

These dishes are all gluten-free. You can also customize your kit according to your dietary preferences or if you have food allergies.

a feast ready in 15 minutes

One of the great things about ChefMint 5 is all you need to do to prepare your meal is to cook them. The ingredients are already prepared and precooked when necessary. For example, the chicken for the satay is already marinated, the chicken for the curry is already pre-cooked, and the broccoli for the stir-fry is already parboiled.

Thus, with this kit, you can have a generous feast laid out in 15 minutes. Plus, you can enjoy it as a three-course meal that can feed four souls. Or you can divide the portions so you can have two or even three meals good for two people.

ChefMint 5 is now available at our online store.

And if you missed Chef Nikky’s Facebook Live demo on how to make dinner with this kit, you can watch the replay here.


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