Asian Mint Cooking Class 2016

Asian Mint Cooking Class 2016


If you’ve ever tasted popular Asian Mint dishes such as the Red Snapper or the Asian Noodle Salad and thought, “I want to learn how to make this!”, your wish is about to come true.

Make sure to join us for our cooking class and learn to make these dishes from Nikky Phinyawatana, the creator of Asian Mint herself!

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In our cooking lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to create a meal that will impress and delight your friends and family, or simply to cook at home for your own pleasure.

Nikky herself will be teaching you how to make outstanding Asian Mint dishes, including our famous Asian Mule, a twist to this popular cocktail, and a delicious dessert.


Using Asian Mint’s exclusive bottled Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce, Nicky will demonstrate how to cook our famous Red Snapper and Pad Prew Wann, a sweet and sour Thai recipe with chicken and fresh vegetables.


No decadent meal should begin without appetizers, so we’ll be teaching you how to prepare our newest and most popular salad – the Asian Noodle Salad. We’ll also cook our version of the Tom Yum Soup, allowing you to familiarize yourself with Asian herbs while doing so.

Any good cook knows that no meal is complete without dessert. During the class, we’ll also be making our much requested Kluai Buat Chi – sweet banana in coconut sauce – a delicious, guilt-free dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Nikky’s deep knowledge of her craft is partly what makes her an outstanding teacher. From her appearance on Fox 4 to her award-winning submission to the Kera Challenge, Nikky captivates the audience with her simple but fun lessons, inspiring them to cook Asian Mint’s recipes.

With the combination of her quality education, vast experience and dedication to her art, Nikky acutely understands what it takes to cook great Asian fusion food and how to transmit her love for it to others.

The Asian Mint cooking class is a rare opportunity to peek into the kitchen of your favorite Asian fusion restaurant, where you can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how things work. Learn the secrets to success at Asian Mint, where we serve the best of Dallas Asian cuisine, and become an Asian Mint chef at home.

You’ll become familiar with the unique ingredients we use in our recipes by the end of the class, and soon you’ll be re-creating Asian Mint dishes with ease. Sharing the kitchen with our talented chefs and head Chef Nikky herself, you’ll learn what it takes to cook our dishes, and can take that knowledge home with you.

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If you’ve seen Nikky’s instructional videos and are hungry for more than just the familiar Pad Thai or curry recipe, make sure you join us for our Asian Mint cooking class on Wednesday, September 28th at 6pm.

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The inspiration doesn’t have to end with the cooking class. You can also get a bottle of our house-made sauces and bring the taste of Asian Mint back home with you!


Nikky has spent years learning, practicing and honing these recipes into the dishes we know and love on the Asian Mint menu today. This is your unique opportunity to learn from the master herself and learn how to cook Asian Mint style. Grab your spot in our class today!

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