Asian Mint Cooking Class 2016

Asian Mint Cooking Class 2016

Join us for our Cooking Class

If you’ve ever wondered how you could make something like the Red Snapper or the Asian Noodle Salad, if you’ve ever tasted our dishes and thought, “I want to learn how to do that!”, then take the opportunity to join us for our cooking class and learn how to make these dishes from the creator of Asian Mint herself!

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What’s included in our cooking lesson

Our cooking lesson includes everything you need to make to have a great meal that will impress and delight your friends and family, or make these dishes at home so you can take them to work for lunch or enjoy them on your day off.

At our cooking class you will learn from Nikky herself how to make outstanding Asian Mint creations on your own, including our Asian Mule, a twist to this popular cocktail, and a fabulous dessert.

Asian Mint Sauces

Using Asian Mint’s bottled Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce, we’ll be demonstrating how to cook our famous Red Snapper and Pad Prew Wann, a Thai version of a sweet and sour recipe with chicken and fresh vegetables.

Our newest and most popular salad

No decadent meal is complete without appetizers and for this class we’ll show you how to prepare our newest and most popular salad, the Asian Noodle Salad. And familiarize yourself with Asian herbs by cooking our version of the Tom Yum Soup.

And any good cook knows that no meal is every complete without dessert. Our meal includes the Kluai Buat Chi, a sweet banana in coconut sauce, a delicious, guilt-free dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth that has our patrons wanting to add this course to their meal.

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Nikky’s deep knowledge of her craft is part of what makes her a great teacher. From her appearance on Fox 4 to her award winning submission to the Kera Challenge, Nikky ignites audiences with her simple, delightful lessons on how to cook Asian Mint’s unique recipes. Between Nikky’s quality education, vast experience, and intense dedication and study of her art, Nikky understands what it takes to cook great Asian fusion and to teach it to others.

Asian Mint cooking classes are a rare opportunity to see inside the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your favorite restaurant, the best of Dallas Asian cuisine, and to learn the secrets and be an Asian Mint chef in your own home.

By the end of the class all the unique ingredients that we lovingly put into our food will feel familiar to you and you’ll be cooking your own Asian Mint dishes with ease.

You’ll share the experience with our talented and caring chefs, fellow Asian Minters, and of course head Chef Nikky Phinyawatana herself. You’ll learn all the different angles and pieces it takes to become a master of Asian Mint cooking, so you can take a little bit of Asian Mint cooking home with you.

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If you’ve watched Nikky’s instructional videos and wanted to go further, wanted to learn more beyond the familiar Pad Thai or curry recipe, then you won’t want to miss the rare opportunity to join our Asian Mint cooking class on Wednesday, September 28th at 6 p.m.

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The inspiration doesn’t have to end with the cooking class. You can take home a bottle of our house-made sauces and bring the taste of Asian Mint to your very own home!

Nikky learned, practiced and honed these recipes for years to make them into the Asian Mint menu we all know and love today. Now is your opportunity to learn from the master and discover for yourself how to cook in the Asian Mint style.

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Asian Mint Cooking Class

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