Escape to Thailand: Experience the Holiday Season in Bangkok Virtually with Chef Nikky

Escape to Thailand: Experience the Holiday Season in Bangkok Virtually with Chef Nikky

The Yuletide season, the most wonderful time of the year, is nearly here! While we all have our own way of celebrating the holidays, Chef Nikky is inviting you to experience it a little differently this year. How? By joining her in a virtual celebration of the holiday season in Bangkok.

On December 16, 2020, Chef Nikky will host the fourth part of her Escape to Thailand online series of cooking experiences. This one, dubbed “Holidays in Bustling Bangkok,” will take you to the capital city of Thailand and give you a taste of how its denizens spend the holidays.

You can check out the event and sign up here:

The holiday season in Bangkok is full of traditions, gift-giving, and Comfort food.

holiday season in bangkok

Everyone has their own way of celebrating the holidays, and the people of Bangkok are no different from the rest. They have their own traditions that they observe every year.

During this Escape to Thailand event, you can expect Chef Nikky to tell stories of how she experienced the holiday season in Bangkok as a child. She will share with you what Thais do in December as they prepare for the end of the year. Also, she will give you insights as to what gifts you’re supposed to give, as well as what gifts you can expect to get in turn.

Chef Nikky will also demonstrate how to cook her favorite cold-weather Thai comfort foods:

Tom yum/tom kha soup

Tom yum and tom kha are amazing soups to warm up to when the weather is cold. Both popular in and outside Thailand, tom yum and tom kha are hot and sour soups. One big difference is tom kha uses coconut milk.

Pad Thai

The iconic pad Thai is Thailand’s national dish. It has rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, your choice of proteins, and a special sauce made using tamarind juice, fish sauces, and other herbs and spices.

You can cook these dishes along with Chef Nikky if you want. If you sign up for the cook-along, we’ll have a prep kit for these dishes all ready for you. You can pick it up from Asian Mint Forest Lane or have it shipped to you. Moreover, you can have the prep kit modified to vegan or pescatarian.

Something extra: Mindful eating with Priya Patel of The Intention Table

priya patel, holiday season in bangkok

Because the holidays are all about giving and receiving, Chef Nikky is bringing something extra to her virtual celebration of the holidays in Bangkok. She has invited her friend Priya Patel to help you explore mindful eating for the holidays.

Priya is the creator and founder of The Intention Table. Through The Intention Table, she helps her students build self-awareness and heal from their traumas via meditation and yoga practice. Priya believes that food is medicine and that eating mindfully can facilitate healing.

Add a Thai twist to your Yuletide celebrations this year by joining Chef Nikky’s virtual exploration of the holiday season in Bangkok. Don’t miss it:


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