Online Cooking Experiences with Chef Nikky Featured on Katy Trail Weekly

Online Cooking Experiences with Chef Nikky Featured on Katy Trail Weekly

We’re so excited about this October, Mint Fanatics. We’ve got so much stuff coming up, and among them are Chef Nikky’s upcoming Escape to Thailand online cooking experiences. In case you missed it, she’ll be doing her Let’s Tour Northeastern Thailand event on October 22 and Celebrate Yi Peng in Chiang Mai on October 30.

Have you signed up for those events, by the way? If not, scoot over to the links below and register. You won’t want to miss it.

Let’s Tour Northeastern Thailand:
Celebrate Yi Peng in Chiang Mai:

What makes us even more excited for this October is the buzz these two online cooking experiences are generating with our media friends. In particular, Katy Trail Weekly recently posted a feature on Chef Nikky and the projects she’s been working on during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you, Ms. Dottie Griffith, for the article.

Katy Trail Weekly says Chef Nikky is “forever tied to Thai food.”

In the article, Ms. Griffith described Chef Nikky as “hot-wired,” someone who wouldn’t let something like the coronavirus pandemic put a damper on her plans. Instead, she adapted her vision and business model to suit the circumstances. For instance, she made Asian Mint food available for curbside pickups and deliveries. And then there’s ChefMint for the adventurous, home-cooking Mint Fanatic who wants to try their hand at Thai at home.

A big chunk of Ms. Griffith’s writeup is devoted to Chef Nikky’s upcoming online cooking experiences, the ones mentioned earlier. When you sign up for these experiences, it’s like you’re bringing Chef Nikky to your kitchen to help you cook. Moreover, these virtual events allow Chef Nikky to reach audiences outside of Dallas.

Check out the full article here:

You really can’t miss Chef Nikky’s upcoming online cooking experiences, Mint Fanatics. Not only are they fun, but they’re an intimate way of getting to know the cuisine that Chef Nikky grew up with back in Thailand.

See you in class!


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