Asian Mint in the News: CultureMap Dallas Reports New Richardson Opening

Asian Mint in the News: CultureMap Dallas Reports New Richardson Opening

After we’ve announced it, our media friends have been busy spreading the word to their readers about Asian Mint coming to Richardson this September. We’re happy that the news is spreading and people are talking about it. And we really hope that we’ll see you Mint Fanatics when we open the doors to our new Richardson location.

Perhaps one of the most flattering write-ups we’ve seen so far about Asian Mint in Richardson is from Teresa Gubbins of CultureMap Dallas.

She called Asian Mint “elegant” and “one of Dallas’ prettiest Thai restaurants.

If that doesn’t warm the cockles of our collective hearts, then we don’t know what would.

Thank you so much, Teresa, for your lovely words and for letting your readers know about our Richardson expansion.

We’re definitely excited about coming to Richardson

Mint Fanatics, are you excited about Asian Mint coming to Richardson? We certainly are. We can’t wait to bring the Asian Mint brand of New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine that you’ve come to know and love. What we love most about this whole thing is you don’t have to drive all the way to Dallas to taste your favorite curries and pad Thais.

And here’s something extra that we’re bringing to the Richardson location that isn’t in other Asian Mint locations: the takeout counter. From EnjoyMint’s year-long stint in the area, we learned that Richardson peeps love takeout food. And we hear you—takeout is the most convenient way to experience Asian Mint’s fresh and flavorful food. Plus, takeout is one of the best ways you can share it with your family.

In case you missed it, the Richardson location is opening in our former EnjoyMint store at 300 W. Campbell in September. See you there!


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