Asian Mint’s “Throwback Menu” in CultureMap Dallas’ Restaurant Roundup

Asian Mint’s “Throwback Menu” in CultureMap Dallas’ Restaurant Roundup

CultureMap Dallas is a great reference for daily news about Dallas-based art, fashion, real estate, travel, and foodie events, plus a lot more. And recently, it mentioned Asian Mint’s throwback menu in its roundup of Dallas restaurants.

Restaurants often do throwback menus as a means of celebration – and that’s the case with us, too. We are celebrating 15 years in business!

Some restaurants will recall old prices – pricing popular picks the way they were priced at store openings, for example – while some restaurants will recall popular dishes that have been rotated off their menu. We’re going to be doing the latter, but please note that these items will be back on the menu for a limited time only.

Therefore, if you’re in the Dallas area, come and celebrate with us, and try some of our older favorites!


For our 15th anniversary, we’re casting the spotlight on food that we had on the menu during our restaurant’s early days. However, we have had to take them off our menu to make room for newer dishes. There’s a little something in our throwback menu for veggie-lovers, seafood-lovers and meat-lovers alike.

Here are some of our bestselling dishes from yesteryear:

  • pad Thai rolls. Like pad thai and can’t get enough of it? Why not try it in spring roll form? These crunchy treats come packed with noodles and spices, and are sure to delight you.
  • grilled Thai fish balls. Our Oak Lawn location originally carried this dish exclusively. Fans of street food will love it; it’s light, flavorful, and goes well with any kind of cocktail.
  • duck red curry. Here’s another dish that was unique to our Oak Lawn menu. This involves cuts of duck breast steeped in red curry sauce. The flavors of this succulent, savory dish are enhanced with a bit of pineapple.
  • rad nah. This authentic Thai dish comes with large rice noodles, greens, and meat. We may also add some shrimp into the mix.


These may spark nostalgia in some of our patrons who have been around since the old days. If you know anyone who remembers these dishes as we prepared them, why not take them to dinner at our Dallas location, and travel down memory lane with us?

Also, if you’re a frequent patron of Asian Mint, why not try something “new” and sample these old favorites for the first time? Because we care about quality, we only make these throwback dishes with the freshest ingredients, and we prepare them in line with our trademark New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine.

However, please note that these items are available for a limited time only. So get them while they’re hot, literally!

Asian Mint’s throwback menu is our way of saying thanks for 15 wonderful years in the business. Chef Nikky Phinyawatana and staff will continue to serve high quality Thai food in the Dallas area and beyond. We can only see good things happening from here!


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