Asian Mint Lands Dallas Eater’s 2019 List for Best Thai

Asian Mint Lands Dallas Eater’s 2019 List for Best Thai

It’s always a pleasure for us to see Asian Mint land any list of best restaurants in Dallas. So, when Dallas Eater updated its list of where to eat Dallas’ best Thai food, we’re absolutely delighted to see Asian Mint on the list.

Thank you, Dallas Eater, for including Asian Mint in your list of best Thai restaurants for 2019. We’re so honored to be there.

It’s always an honor to be featured at Dallas Eater

This isn’t the first time that Asian Mint appeared on the pages of Dallas Eater. We once popped up on its list of where to find Dallas’ best vegetarian cuisine. They updated this list for 2019 too, and we’re happy to discover that we’re still there.

It makes us proud to be in Dallas Eater every single time. As we’ve mentioned before, we consider it a veritable source of unbiased news and reviews of what’s going on in the Dallas food scene. Their reports and reviews are as authentic as they get, as they were written by people who actually live in Dallas. We also respect Dallas Eater’s efforts at building community by starting lively yet respectful conversations about what they publish.

So, again, thank you, Dallas Eater. It’s always an honor.

Asian Mint aims to please with our brand of Asian fusion soul food

It’s been clear from the start what Asian Mint’s mission is. And that is to offer the Dallas community a taste of Thai soul food as Chef Nikky Phinyawatana envisions it. The dishes making up our brand of New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine have a clean taste and are full of flavor. They’re also made with only the best and freshest ingredients available.

More importantly, Asian Mint welcomes everyone, no matter what their dietary restrictions are. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, we have meat-free options for you. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you can easily ask your attending Mintee if your order can be made without gluten.

Asian Mint aims to feed the souls of Dallas the way Chef Nikky sees it. Come October 7, Asian Mint’s vision will come to life in Richardson, at 300 W Campbell Road. See you there!


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