Dallas Observer: Asian Mint Green Curry “Feels Healing to the Soul”

Dallas Observer: Asian Mint Green Curry “Feels Healing to the Soul”

Hey, Mint Fanatics. It’s now official—Dallas Observer loves Asian Mint green curry. According to Alex Gonzales, who reviewed the dish for the magazine, our green curry with beef “feels healing to the soul.”

We are certainly touched and honored by this review. Thank you, Dallas Observer, for your kind words.

Why did Dallas Observer call Asian Mint green curry “healing”?

What made Dallas Observer describe our Asian Mint green curry as “healing”? As Alex noted, the spice in the curry is good for warming up on chilly days and helps clear up the sinuses. Chef Nikky Phinyawatana uses turmeric in her curries, and turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory foods can help us manage our weight, heal pain, and prevent chronic ailments.

Alex also said that Chef Nikky “created an environment where she encourages each guest to discover and explore something new.” And because Asian Mint dishes don’t rely much on oils and soy for flavor, guests can leave the restaurant “feeling satisfied and full, without also feeling bogged down.”

We have a wide selection of curry dishes you can choose from

We’re really happy to see our Asian Mint green curry praised so highly by one of the most respected magazines in Dallas. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you do to see if it’s truly worth the praise.

We also have other curries available. Our yellow curry is made with sweet potatoes and crispy onions, while our massaman curry has tamarind and roasted squash. Our red curry, on the other hand, is loaded with bamboo shoots, Thai basil, and red bell peppers. The yellow and massaman curries are mild, but if you seek an adventure in spice, try the red curry.

And in case you don’t know it yet, you can customize your curries depending on your food preferences. You can choose chicken, beef, shrimp, and scallop for your proteins, or you can opt for tofu to keep your curry vegan or vegetarian. The dish is generally served with white jasmine rice, but you can substitute brown jasmine rice instead. Additionally, all our curries are gluten-free.

If you’re social distancing because of the Covid-19 threat, you can order our curries online and pick up your order at the Asian Mint location nearest you.

Stay safe, Mint Fanatics, and see you soon!


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