DFWChild.com Puts Asian Mint in List of Restaurants for Kids

DFWChild.com Puts Asian Mint in List of Restaurants for Kids

As most parents know, it can be a challenge to take the kids to a sit-down meal at a nice restaurant. At the very least, the restaurant may not have anything on their menu that looks appealing to the child. At the very worst, the child may throw a full-blown tantrum.

Choosing a good kid-friendly restaurant is something DFWChild.com inherently understands. So, we are truly flattered that the online magazine has added Asian Mint Oak Lawn in its list of restaurants for kids.

Thank you, DFW Child. We really appreciate it.

DFWChild.com is a great resource for parents in North Texas

DFWChild.com is a network of magazines that serve as resources for parents in specific areas of North Texas. Among their publications are NorthTexasChild, DallasChild, FortWorthChild, and Thrive. These magazines provide useful information that can help parents address the needs of their children in different stages of their lives, from the prenatal months to adolescence. DFWChild.com also has publications that focus on children with special needs.

DFWChild.com also regularly hosts child-focused events, such as Camp Fair and Dallas-Fort Worth Baby Fair. The brains behind the organization are professionals with extensive experience in working with children. DFWChild.com is a member of Parenting Media Association.

What does DFWChild.com have to say about Asian Mint?

According to DFWChild.com, Asian Mint-Oak Lawn “welcomes diners at the Highland Park location with bright lights and modern style. Yet, worldly kids will feel right at home when glancing at the menu: Asian favorites like orange chicken served on jasmine rice or Thai fried rice will have them asking for seconds.”

DFWChild.com also mentions that Asian Mint has plenty of that wow factor that can turn Asian food from “so-so to over-the-moon” – freshness. This one put a smile on our faces. As you Mint Fanatics know, freshness is a hallmark of Asian Mint’s food.

Children are definitely welcome at Asian Mint

We understand how important it is to introduce children to new flavors from an early age. For one, an early introduction to new flavors helps them develop a more sophisticated palate while young. For another, it helps them make better food decisions as they grow older. More often than not, better food decisions lead to better health.

We pretty much welcome kids with open arms at Asian Mint. We don’t have a specific children’s menu, but we do have foods that your kids may find appealing. Like what the DFWChild.com review said, we’ve got Pad Thai galore, orange chicken, and other goodies. Our dishes will also please mommies and daddies because most of them have a nice helping of vegetables.

We’re also conscious about special diets, so we offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. Just inform our associates of your allergies or special food needs when you order. And if your kids are feeling adventurous, we have spicy stuff for them to try. A bite of our hot curries and other dishes will help expand that young palate. Don’t worry – you can wash it all down with our selection of iced teas.

So, the next time you’re taking your kids out to lunch or dinner, bring them to Asian Mint. We’ll be happy to have you all. See you soon!


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