2017 Halloween Costume Contest

2017 Halloween Costume Contest

Asian Mint Announces Winners of 2017 Halloween Costume Contest

We know, we know. It’s almost December already and it’s time to talk about fun holiday stuff like eggnog, gingerbread, snickerdoodles, and real-edible-boozy fruitcakes. But can we roll back and talk about Halloween for a bit? Not because we love Halloween so much that we wish it’s Halloween all year. (Why not, though? Halloween is fun.) It’s because we have yet to announce the winners of this year’s Asian Mint Halloween Costume Contest.

And so, without further ado…

Here Are This Year’s Winners!

For this year’s Asian Mint Halloween Costume Contest, we have given away Asian Mint Gift Cards. The winners can redeem their gift card at any Asian Mint location.

Winners of $100 Asian Mint Gift Cards are:

  • The Clown Family, who looked so terrifying they could be taken as Pennywise’s cousins. (For those who aren’t fans of horror books and films, Pennywise is the scary, evil clown in Stephen King’s novel It. He’s also the main villain in the movies based on the novel.)
  • The Alice in Wonderland Family. The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat were especially adorable. (Where’s the cranky Queen of Hearts, though?)

Winners of the $50 Asian Mint Gift Cards are:

  • The Lego Family. Because who doesn’t love Legos? And look at that cheeky Lego Batman. He’s so cute!
  • Lego Princess Elsa. Okay, we know she’s part of the Lego Family. But since she’s a darling delight in her costume, we decided to give her a prize of her own.
  • 4 Seasons Family. Coordination is the key to the perfect group costume. We applaud this group for pulling it off.
  • Princess Leia. Another little charmer who deserves a prize of her own.
  • Captain Hook. Arrrr, me mateys! Don’t mess with the Cap’n!
  • Junkrat Scarecrow. Dude dressed up as a hero of the video game Overwatch and got a selfie with Chef Nikky. Slay!

For the $25 Asian Mint Gift Cards, the winners are:

  • The Star Wars Family. The Force is strong in them, even if two have come to the dark side.
  • The Superhero Family. DC fans who’ve been shipping Batman and Wonder Woman would be thrilled at this family’s costumes.
  • Minion. It takes special dedication to be a Minion, so yay for you!
  • Princess Anna. We’d so build a snowman with her (and everyone who joined this little Halloween contest of ours are welcome to the party).

To claim your prizes, you only need to approach a manager at your favorite Asian Mint location. Thank you so much for participating in our contest this year.

Leveling Up the Game in 2018

Needless to say, the Asian Mint 2017 Halloween Costume Contest was a huge success. It was oh so fun seeing all of you show up at our locations dressed as your favorite characters and ready to scare/enchant everyone. We really hope you had fun too.

We’re so looking forward to next year’s contest. And we certainly hope that everyone brings their A-game again next year. See you all next Halloween!


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