Asian Mint Joins the Celebration at Dallas Thai Culture and Food Festival 2018

Asian Mint Joins the Celebration at Dallas Thai Culture and Food Festival 2018

A couple of months ago, we announced that Asian Mint would be joining the Dallas Thai Culture Food Festival 2018 (TCFF 2018) at the Buddhist Temple of Dallas. Asian Mint was one of the local restaurants serving Thai food that was invited to represent Thai cuisine there.

It happened last May 26 and 27, and it was a blast! It was awesome to see a diverse crowd, not just the local Thai and Asian communities, taking part in this celebration of Thai culture. We hope you were able to take the time to drop by and join in the fun.


All the colors (and all the food!) at the Buddhist Temple of Dallas

Here’s a recap of what happened at TCFF 2018:

  • The festival opened with a parade featuring classical Thai dancers and the officers of the Thai Community Center of North Texas.
  • The Thai School of Wat Dallas played pieces of Thai classical music.
  • Thai dance troupes performed different dances from various regions of Thailand, including a fan dance, a sword dance, and a bamboo dance.
  • A performance of the Khon, a dance drama in which the dancers wore masks and carried out scenes from the Ramakien, Thailand’s national epic. This one is special because the Khon is rarely seen outside Thailand.
  • Demonstrations of Thai martial arts, particularly fighting with a sword and with a short staff.
  • Demonstrations of Thai boxing or Muay Thai.


The festival also featured tours of the Buddhist Temple of Dallas, a landmark known for its intricate and gilded design elements and its collection of Thai artwork, curated by professional gallery educators from the Crow Collection of Asian Arts. There’s also a pop-up market where people shopped for items imported directly from Thailand.

And, of course, there’s the Thai food bazaar—definitely our favorite part of TCFF 2018. Asian Mint joined other local Thai restaurants in presenting authentic Thai food representing all four styles of Thai cuisine at the festival. We all treated the festival attendees with all they can eat sticky rice and mangoes, curries of different kinds, pad Thai, salads, spring rolls—all the good things that make Thai food so good.

To see how that all looked like, you can check out the pictures compiled by D Magazine from the festival.


Asian Mint is proud to take part in the celebration of Thai culture

It’s really an honor and a delight for Asian Mint to be part of the Thai Culture and Food Festival and other similar events celebrating Thai culture. Through these events, we attempt to represent the best of Thai food and connect with the greater community. Moreover, we take these events as opportunities to link back to our roots in Thailand and be continually inspired by the country in the way we prepare and present our food.

We hope to take part of TCFF again next year. And we hope to see you there again as well.


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