Asian Mint Sake Tasting and James Beard

Asian Mint Sake Tasting and James Beard

We have two events going on over the next couple of months that we are excited about! We have our sake tasting event coming up this week on Wednesday the 13th and our James Beard Event in New York on November 8th. There’s still time to sign up for our Sake Tasting online. Act quickly, there are only a few spots left! This event will be a night to remember and an educational experience. We want to provide our guests with a fun, relaxing, and informative evening. You learn about how sake is made and enjoy delicious samples of this sweet alcoholic drink. Head Chef, Nikky Phinyawatana will also be serving the same menu that will be served in New York at the James Beard House Event in November.

Asian Mint Sake Tasting

On Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm Asian Mint will be hosting a Sake Tasting event. This will take place in our Skye Private Dining Room at our Forest Lane location. If you order now tickets are $35. We’re also selling tickets at the door for $40.

We’ll be sampling 5 to 6 different types of sake. This alcoholic beverage is made from fermented rice, is light in color, and non-carbonated. Sake is often referred to as rice wine but that is not an entirely accurate description, so come learn about how sake is made and what makes it special. If you’ve never tried sake before, sake has a sweet flavor and can have 15-18% alcohol content depending on the kind.  Our sake will be provided by Sake Master Alan Chang, a representative from a Sake distributor in the United States. This event will feel more like a class as Mr. Chang will offer background information about each type of sake as you taste them.

Asian Mint will be serving delicious appetizers and snacks to enjoy while you learn about this unique Japanese drink. We will also be serving the same menu that Chef Nikky will take to the James Beard House early November in New York. We truly enjoy bringing these unique classes and events to our Asian Mint community, and we hope to see you at this event. You can sign up on our Asian Mint Event page.


Asian Mint Special Guest at James Beard House in NY

On November 8, Nikky will be taking her delicious Asian Mint recipes and Sake Tasting menu to New York. Our food is so good, we can’t keep it a Dallas secret anymore. It is actually our honor to be able to cook for the James Beard House. There is so much history and culinary expertise there. The James Beard Foundation started after James Beard’s death in 1985. He was an American cook, cookbook author, teacher, and television personality. Beard also taught and mentored generations of professional chefs and food enthusiasts. He wanted to use food to revolutionize America and bring people together. Beard’s most famous quote was “Food is our common ground.”

Today, the James Beard Foundation is on a mission to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone. They offer scholarships, educational workshops, and other community outreach events. They host Food Award shows (which was the pioneer of the celebrity chef idea we know today) offer scholarships and educational programs for individuals and the community. The James Beard Foundation has assigned more than $3.5 million in awards and tuition waivers to culinary students in need.

The James Beard Foundation offers their own educational programs which focus on food health. They also offer educational events which are held as festivals, lectures, workshops, classes, and tastings. The biggest education event is their Annual Food Conference. The main goal is to bring together a diverse group of leaders and stakeholder in the American Food System to focus on a more equal, safe and food accessible future for everyone.  They focus on waste reduction, sustainable meats, sustainable seafood and fish, and childhood nutrition. You can find full list of the education programs they provide on their website.

What does Asian Mint have to do with the James Beard Foundation?

Now that you know how amazing the James Beard Foundation is, you can see why we are so excited that our very own Nikky Phinyawatana will be the featured chef at the famed James Beard House. She was invited to help celebrate the Asian Full Moon Festival of Loy Kratong. The event will feature traditional Thai dishes and wine pairings. Nikky will be presenting dinners to the Foundation members and the public.

Interesting Fact: The James Beard House Restaurant where Nikky will be cooking was James Beard’s real home. It was converted into a restaurant after his death to be a place for people to come together with food.

We have a lot to do to prepare for this event. We know it will be amazing! Another chance for us to feed more souls.

Don’t forget there is still time to sign up for our Sake Tasting Class.

See you soon!


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