Asian Mint Serves at ‘Sushi on the Dock’ Event

Asian Mint Serves at ‘Sushi on the Dock’ Event

There are few things that Asian Mint loves more than sushi and contributing to our community. That’s why we couldn’t say no when we were invited to be a part of the ‘Sushi on the Dock’ event. This event was about good people and good food. It was lots of fun and at a beautiful location on the docks of White Rock Lake Boat Club. If you missed this event, make sure you check back to our blog regularly to stay informed about future events.

Sushi on the Dock

‘Sushi on the Dock’ consisted of sampling some of the best sushi in Dallas from four local restaurants: Abacus, Sushi Rock, Little Katana, and of course yours truly, Asian Mint. ‘Sushi on the Dock’ was also about making new friends, supporting a good cause and enjoying some sake. All of this was brought together and hosted by the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association at the White Rock Lake Boat Club. Don’t worry if you missed this event. There are always more opportunities to be involved. Read more below to find out about the awesome companies involved.

The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association

This company has been around since 1937. The GDRA strives to promote growth of the restaurant industry in Dallas by providing educational programs, public awareness campaigns, and grass-roots government affairs initiatives. Truly, a wonderful resource for anyone looking to be involved in the Dallas food industry. It is their mission to make sure that the Dallas food service industry is growing and the people involved have the support they need. They provide political support for restaurants, raise funds for those who will be the future of the food industry, support community events and hospitality industry-related organizations, and market our members. This company offers Training and Certification programs and is a part of numerous events year round. They are a great resource for promoting and advancing the restaurant industry. We couldn’t be happier to get to work with them. Still want more information? Here is a link to The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association Website.

The White Rock Lake Boat Club

The White Rock Lake Boat Club has been around since 1961. This boat club is a membership based club that specializes in sail boating. They offer classes for all ages. They participate and host sailboat races throughout the year. They also are heavily community based: they opened up their private dock to non-members for the ‘Sushi on the Dock’ event. Their private dock offers spectacular views and a layout optimal for social events. Here is a link to The White Rock Lake Boat Club Website for more information.

All this talk about food… are you hungry yet? If you missed this ‘Sushi on the Dock’ event we would still like the opportunity to give you the Asian Mint experience. Come see us at one of our restaurant locations where we offer more than sushi. We serve New Bangkok Thai Cuisine blended with a fresh Asian Fusion Menu. We have signature dishes like our Pad Thai flavored with our house made tamarind sauce, Grilled Edamame and Crispy Eggrolls. We also have a full bar and a special Happy Hour menu.  We serve brunch, lunch and dinner. Have more questions? Take a look at our full Asian Mint Menu. If you are in the mood for Asian Fusion food options we have plenty. Come see for yourself. Hope to see you soon!   


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