Escape to Thailand, Part 1 Recap: Chef Nikky Shares Tips for Tweaking Soup

Escape to Thailand, Part 1 Recap: Chef Nikky Shares Tips for Tweaking Soup

Escape to Thailand, Chef Nikky Phinyawatana’s on-going online series on Thai food and culture, had an awesome kickoff event last Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Titled “Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand,” the event brought together an eclectic group of foodies from all corners of the US, from California to Virginia. It was absolute fun. Chef Nikky’s daughter Skye even made an appearance and ate for dinner the dish that Mom demoed to the group—Thai chicken noodle soup.

Thai chicken noodle soup is easy to tweak to your taste

One of the highlights of Chef Nikky’s “Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand” event is how to cook Thai chicken noodle soup. It’s the quintessential Thai comfort food and one of the foods that Chef Nikky grew up eating, so it’s just perfect for her Escape to Thailand intro event.

Everyone who attended the intro event agreed that the recipe has so many layers of flavor despite being super easy to make. They also appreciated the fact that all the things they need to make this soup and other Thai dishes—the sauces, the ingredients, and the tools—are readily available at the Nikky Feeding Souls website.

More importantly, they loved how easy it is to tweak the recipe for the soup to suit their own tastes. For example, Chef Nikky showed the group how adding chili or lime juice changes the soup’s flavor, and that adding garlic oil can enhance what flavor the soup already has.

Additionally, Chef Nikky demonstrated how adding or substituting noodle ingredients can alter the soup’s texture. You can mix in multiple types of noodles, for instance. Or, if you’re not in the mood for noodles, you can cook the soup with rice instead.

Next up on Escape to Thailand

“Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand” is only the introductory event to Chef Nikky’s Escape to Thailand online series. So if you missed this one, don’t worry. Coming up next are:

Part 2: Let’s Tour Northeastern Thailand—October 22, 2020

escape to thailand

An exploration of the unique culture and flavors of Issan in Northeastern Thailand. It’s a cooking experience you can watch or cook along with. Get your tickets here:

Part 3: Celebrate Yi Peng in Chiang Mai—October 30, 2020

Yi Peng, the Full Moon Festival, is one of the most glorious happenings in the Thai cultural calendar. On this event, you can watch or cook along with Chef Nikky as she makes Yi Peng staples, as well as get a full moon reading with a special guest. Tickets available here:

Part 4: Holidays in Bustling Bangkok—December 16, 2020

How do the people of Bangkok celebrate Christmas and New Year? Chef Nikky will share her holiday traditions and show you how to cook her favorite cold-weather foods. She’ll also join you as you set your intentions for the upcoming year with a glass of mai tai. Register for the event here:

Chef Nikky is also inviting you to join her Facebook VIP group. When you join the group, you’ll get access to early information, not to mention special discounts, on her cooking classes and other events. Stay tuned for this!

We thank you for being a part of the “Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand” kickoff event. And if you missed it, no worries! Just make sure that you don’t miss the next event.

See you soon!


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