Chef Nikky Launches the “Escape to Thailand” Virtual Foodie Experience Series

Chef Nikky Launches the “Escape to Thailand” Virtual Foodie Experience Series

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Do you want to get to know Thai food and culture even more? Do you have plans to travel to Thailand soon but have some burning questions about the country that you want to have answered first? Then you’re in luck—we have a true-blue Thai local who can guide you through the food and culture and answer whatever questions you’ve got. And that’s none other than our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana herself.

Chef Nikky is launching a four-part series of Nikky Feeding Souls online events that she’s dubbed “Escape to Thailand.” The series is meant to give you a deeper look into Thai culture, a taste of regional Thai cuisine that you’ve probably never tasted before, and be part of Thailand’s most important holiday. And you don’t have to leave your home.

First up: “Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand” on October 7

The first part of this “Escape to Thailand” series is “Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand”—a lively introduction to Thai food and culture that can only be told by someone who grew up in the country.

In this event, Chef Nikky will give a fun overview of what Thailand is all about and what it’s like growing up there. She’ll also answer whatever questions you may have about traveling to the country. Additionally, she’ll show you how to cook a beloved Thai chicken noodle soup recipe.

“Welcome to Nikky’s Thailand” is happening on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. It’s a free event, and you can sign up here:

Stay tuned for the next “Escape to Thailand” events

escape to thailand

As mentioned, the “Escape to Thailand” series is an opportunity for you to travel to Thailand virtually, without leaving your home, with a local for your guide.

The other three parts of this virtual journey are:

Part 2: Let’s Tour Northeastern Thailand – October 22, 2020

A live, cook-along experience where you get to explore the cuisine of Northeastern Thailand, as well as the history and culture of the region that gives its food a unique character.

Get more details and register for this event here:

Part 3: Celebrate Yi Peng in Chiang Mai – October 30, 2020

Yi Peng, the Thai Full Moon Festival, is one of the most important events in the Thai lunar calendar. It’s also the most magical. Get a full moon reading with a special guest and learn how to make yummy Yi Peng favorites.

Sign up for this event here:

Part 4: Holidays in Bustling Bangkok – December 16, 2020

How do Thai people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day? Chef Nikky will share with you the holiday traditions she grew up with. Cook along with her as she makes her cold-weather favorites, and set your intentions for the coming year with a toast of Thai mai tai.

Get your tickets for this event here:

Escape to Thailand with Chef Nikky and enjoy a one-of-a-kind virtual foodie experience.

See you there!


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