Asian Mint Helps Children with Disabilities by Donating to PPCD Initiatives

Asian Mint Helps Children with Disabilities by Donating to PPCD Initiatives

At Asian Mint, we love kids. Therefore, we know that young souls need a lot of love and nurturing to grow. Plus, children with disabilities are no exception. That’s why Asian Mint helps children with disabilities by supporting the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) program in Texas.

We understand that the PPCD Program is essential to the early development of children with disabilities.

Want to understand why we support the PPCD program and initiatives to push it forward? First, let’s talk about what PPCD is and what it does….

What is the PPCD?

The PPCD is a free special education program run through school districts in Texas. More specifically, it helps preschool children aged 3 to 5 years old.

If, for example, you wanted to enter your child into the program, your local school district would first evaluate your child for eligibility. Then, once they’ve approved your child for special education services, they’ll ask you to attend an Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee meeting. After this, you and your school would agree on an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which would determine your child’s academic path for preschool.

In the case that you feel that the school district’s evaluation missed something, you could also request for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). Your school district could help you get an IEE for free, or they may opt to file a due process hearing to defend their initial evaluation.

The PPCD is designed to help children with disabilities aged 3 to 5 years reach their IEP goals. And, it does this with the help of PPCD classrooms which give children more time and help to prepare for kindergarten.

Asian Mint Helps Children with Disabilities in Texas via Donors Choose

PPCD may be a free, state-funded program, but schools that run it still benefit from donations. Some donation initiatives for PPCD can be found in crowdfunding sites like Gofundme and Donors Choose.

Asian Mint prefers and trusts Donors Choose for finding proactive teachers in Texas to help. Ms. Okura was one of those teachers. Back in 2016, the donations Ms. Okura collected enabled her class to participate in that year’s Robotics Bet the Farm competition. We’re happy to announce that they came in 8th out of 32 teams!

We also supported Ms. Andro, who requested 30 recycling bins and an iPad for her class in Preston Hollow Elementary School.

More recently, Asian Mint donated to Ms. Ward, who initiated a PPCD Safety Project. Ms. Ward asked for donations that would add cabinet latches, baby gates, and a wagon to her preschool classroom. We’re honored to support Ms Ward from the Arthur Kramer Elementary IB World School based in Dallas, Texas.

Asian Mint helps children with disabilities by helping teachers like Ms. Ward, who make sure that their classroom resources are optimal.

We feed young souls by making sure they’ll thrive in happy and supportive learning environments.


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