Asian Mint Helps with Relief Efforts for those Affected by Hurricane Harvey (We need your help, too)

Asian Mint Helps with Relief Efforts for those Affected by Hurricane Harvey (We need your help, too)

Asian Mint would like to offer support for people who’ve been affected by Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding in Houston and throughout southern Texas. It’s time to call on our extended Mint Fanatic family to help! Together we can focus on getting help to those in need. We’ve partnered with the TangoTab App to get meals to people affected by this natural disaster. At least 10,000 homes were affected. There’s an estimated 35,000 people in emergency shelters who will need more permanent housing. The best action that we can take is to focus our efforts on recovery and on supporting our neighbors in Houston and southern Texas. Keep reading to find out how you can donate meals just for dining with Asian Mint and to find out how we’re opening our doors to displaced workers.

Asian Mint Partners with TangoTab

It’s really simple to help. Dine with us, and TangoTab will donate a meal on your behalf. Throughout the entire month of September, anytime you eat at any Asian Mint location, a meal will be donated to support people affected by Hurricane Harvey. TangoTab started in 2011 after founder Andre Angel realized that hunger is an epidemic that affects at least 1 in 6 people. TangoTab’s main goal is to help get meals to people in need. Now, as a result of recent events, help is needed throughout southern Texas. As the saying goes, ‘Many hands make for light work.’ If we all pitch in, we can help families and people who have lost so much as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s how it works: download the TangoTab app on your phone. It’s free. Check-in on the app when you eat at Asian Mint. Once you check-in to our restaurant, we’ll send part of the money from your bill to TangoTab. This fundraising method allows you to make a difference with no additional cost to your bill. TangoTab donates that revenue to cover the cost of a meal for someone in need. For the entire month of September, efforts will be focused on the recovery in Houston and southern Texas.

Bonus: when you sign up for the first time, TangoTab will feed two people in need. When you eat, others eat too.

We would like to encourage our community to help care for our fellow Texans. TangoTab has also partnered with the Hilton Anatole, they are an official drop off location for relief items. The entrance for the drop off location is off of Wycliff. Donation items being accepted at this drop off location are: water, non-perishable food items, new underwear, new socks, toiletries, baby formula, baby wipes, diapers and pet supplies.

The Texas Restaurant Association

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) has posted a great article full of resources for people and restaurant businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey. The TRA lists organizations that are accepting donations to send to people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The article also has a section full of resources for restaurant business owners affected by Hurricane Harvey–and provides recommendations for the best ways to get back up and running. This portion of the article discusses: insurance recovery options, food safety, post-disaster food guidelines, and disaster loans. There’s also a section for restaurant employees that are losing wages during this time.

Asian Mint would like to add to this as well: we would like to open our doors to displaced workers. If you know someone in need of a job during this time, send them to our Asian Mint hiring page to apply now.

Remember, together we can make a difference!


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